Friday, October 10, 2008


It’s been one of the most controversial, critically acclaimed and groundbreaking lists in musical history.

And now “We” are taking it on! Together with Power Pop Criminal$ and Ratboy 69, Power Pop Overdose wants to know what you think!

  • Can you improve on Borack's list?
  • What would you change?
  • Who is left on?
  • Who is left off?
  • Are the sands of time running out for Batman and Robin?
If you have the intestinal fortitude to shape the answers to these questions then follow the link at the top right and let us know what your top 5 All-Time Power Pop Albums are!

Do It Now!

Voting will continue thru 10/31/08 and we will post the Top 200 in November!


KingSizeMong said...

Did it quick before I had time to stew over the nominations and placements.

Also, might have added Imperial Drag's sole album if I could have convinced myself of it's place in a purely Power Pop list. And possibly New Miserable Experience by The Gin Blossoms for the same reason.

I deliberately didn't pick up and skim through the book before voting as I KNOW it would have skewed my results.

So these were my votes and let them stand :-)

1 - Powerbill by The Semantics
2 - Parallel Universe by IKE
3 - Spilt Milk by Jellyfish
4 - 100% Fun by Matthew Sweet
5 - One Night In America by The Plimsouls

Cool idea and I can't wait for the results.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks I will add your to the rest.

KingSizeMong said...

Don't input them again! I already voted on the proper form :-)

Anonymous said...

So these were my vote:
Where old ghosts meet-THE HORMONES
1 times, 2 times, 3 red light-DM3
Sweet as candy-THE YUM YUMS
I got time-SHAME IDOLS

Anonymous said...

1st motorhead - on parole ?????????
maybe not so pop for you

Aaron said...

It's about time someone set this up. Nice job Curty, on the blogs and setting up this survey. I will link this also on my site

fullmetalsean said...

Do you have any rapidshare or torrent links for The Mice?

Would be amazing!

Emmanuel said...

Hey Curty. I've linked the Shake Some Action Revisited blog page on my blog Under The Tangerine Tree. I've also posted there my top 5 and a short comment for every album. Anyway i will post here the top 5 also:

01 - Big Star "#1 Record / Radio City"
02 - Cotton Mather "Kontiki"
03 - Teenage Fanclub "Grand Prix"
04 - Cherry Twister "At Home With"
05 - Jason Falkner "Author Unknown"



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