Sunday, October 26, 2008

IKE - Parallel Universe - 2003

There are more than a few eff-you songs on Ike's debut disc, Parallel Universe, and can you blame them? The Philly power-pop quartet actually had half of the disc recorded before a hard drive turned on them. In a blink, they lost everything and had to start over. Maybe that's where "Deathbed (Na, Na, Na)" -- a big, fun kiss-my-ass anthem -- comes from. But Ike has plenty to be happy about, like the $18,000-record budget they received from fans/patrons who believed the band had a great record in them. They were right. Singer/songwriter/guitarist John Faye (currently of The Jane Anchor, formerly of The Caulfields and others) and company make slick but humble rock full of stop-start, upbeat melodies and sincere (sometimes snarky) lyrics. -Patrick Rapa




amc8051 said...

Any chance you can reload Part 1 of the RS file? It seems to be missing. Thanks so much!

Curty Ray said...

Links have been updated



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