Friday, October 24, 2008

The Doits - Lost, Lonely & Vicious - 2006

Consisting almost entirely of three-minute power-pop rock songs, Lost, Lonely and Vicious is a testament to the powers of tight Scandinavian musicianship. The Doits consist of brothers Altay and David Sagesen (Altay's the front-man, David's on bass), with Tero Hakorinne on drums and Anders Gransson on guitar and backing vocals. They hail from Skellefte in northern Sweden, but shifted themselves to Stockholm to build a fan-base and live the dream. And they're doing well so far. They've toured Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, their first album (This is Rocket Science Wild Kingdom, 2004) got decent reviews, and their second one does the job too.
Altay sounds uncannily like Joe Strummer (Rest His Soul), especially on track 7 - Hurt Someone. But if you're going to sound like a band, The Clash is a good choice. In parts, Lost, Lonely and Vicious will remind listeners of The Buzzcocks, The Undertones, The Vibrators, The Barracudas, and other such punky, power-poppy acts from the late 70s to the early 80s. It's as if Altay, David, Tero and Anders were frozen alive around 1982 (it's cold up in north Sweden), got defrosted in 2004, grabbed a couple of leccy guitars, a bass and a drum kit, and just started rockin.
Stand out tracks are the catchy Lose All the Time, The-Only-Ones-esque Love You From the Planet I'm On, the aforementioned Hurt Someone, and the title track. None of the tracks are bad on the album. The first song is called Solid Ground, and this is fitting, because what's built on top of it holds together well. The only criticism one can make is regarding the strict mono-style throughout. But, in a world of computerized music, it's good to know people can still play. Lost, Lonely and Vicious is well crafted, professional, straight-down-the-line punk rock; no less, but, sadly, no more.

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The Doits - Lost, Lonely & Vicious - 2006 / rs

The Doits - Lost, Lonely & Vicious - 2006 / sb

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