Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bill Fox - Shelter from the Smoke - 1997

Bill Fox had been MIA from the American indie scene for nearly a decade when he resurfaced with this solo debut; quickly shaking off any cobwebs, Shelter from the Smoke is the result of years of pent-up creativity finally unleashed, its crisp melodies and lo-fi production both timeless and completely of the moment. Originally released in an edition of only 1000 copies, spinART's reissue of offers not only a remastered recording but also a number of bonus tracks.-AMG

If you like "Bill Fox - Shelter from the Smoke - 1997" get it here!

Bill Fox - Shelter from the Smoke - 1997 pt1
Bill Fox - Shelter from the Smoke - 1997 pt2


Snap Crackle Pop! said...

Hey, glad to see this one posted. Just so you know - the spinART version does not completely subsume the previous version. That is, there are unique tracks to both releases, to the diehard should try to track down the original release. And then they should find Transit Byzantium. And then that Mice reissue. And then the holy grail - the sessions for the last Mice album. If anyone has those, lemme know :) .

Anonymous said...

i did a search on amazon for "shelter" and used copies are going for $50! new? try $120! so thank you very much for posting this! and viva les interwebz in all of its file sharing glory! the RIAA can kiss my mp3 downloading arse because this is a totally legit reason for sharing those files.

Tudor Kline said...

Thanks for posting this album. I'm drafting a comparative line of Midwest songwriters, beginning with Cleveland's Peter Laughner, then veering across the Great Lakes to Paul Westerberg in Minneapolis, and ending up back in Cleveland with Bill Fox. Suppose I could make a beer run in Dayton and pick up Bob Pollard, too.

Did I mention I'm doing all this naked?

Snap Crackle Pop! said...

Ok, following up on my comment from last year: if someone wants to post up the tracks that were unique to the original release (there are 3 tracks, that did not end up on the SpinArt reissue, I think), I can make those available in whatever format is preferred. Email me at snapcracklepopster AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

i got a 2lp copy of this album from scatrecords.com, repressed last year. zounds great and very cheap. now if only we can get represses of the mice albums.

Paul said...

Any chance you would reupload this album? Sharebee.com is no longer active. Thanks.


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