Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Marlowes - Glue, Glitter and Shine - 2005

New music from The Marlowes is always welcome. And here on the Rhode Island band's fifth full-length album, Glue, Glitter and Shine, they proceed to dole out nothing but high quality sounds. Not only are these guys proficient on their instruments, but the lyrics, which are authored by lead singer and guitarist John Larson, are witty and engaging. His odes to lost and lonely people are presented in a context that merges humor with vulnerability. The characters and thoughts portrayed on Glue, Glitter and Shine are very real and easy to identify with.Taking the roots rock mentality of acts such as Tom Petty and The Long Ryders and filtering them through the power pop poise of The Smithereens and Material Issue, The Marlowes are equal parts melody and might. Glue, Glitter and Shine exudes energy and excitement, while the execution is immediate and dense. "I Liked You Better When You Were Someone Else," "Alicia Futurama," "Understood" and "A Tuesday Night Habit" ripple and roll with pulsating percussion, layers of crunchy guitar riffage and sing-a-long choruses that make you feel giddy all over. A blast from the past also surfaces on Glue, Glitter and Shine, as Little Anthony and The Imperials contribute their soulfully distinctive harmony vocals to "Grace Note," which logs in as yet another winning track to be had.Once again, The Marlowes have produced a star-studded disc. Natural and exploding with enthusiasm, Glue, Glitter and Shine is sealed tight with pop rock appeal. - Beverly Paterson, The Lance Monthly

If you like "Glue, Glitter and Shine" get it here!

Marlowes - Glue, Glitter and Shine - 2005 pt1
Marlowe - Glue, Glitter and Shine - 2005 pt2

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