Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ease Down - Shapeshifter - 2007

Even while the Ben Folds likeness is so bold and unabashed that you may find yourself double-checking the CD case, The Ease Down inhabits this style so convincingly and with such personal, driven conviction that in the end, the affinity ends up working only in their favor. After all, they practically do Ben Folds better than Ben himself. Not surprisingly, the songs are generally propelled by chordy, punchy piano themes with rippling jazz influences pushing at the edges, a little rock attitude leaking through the rhythms and full-force male vocals with such presence that they are able to penetrate all these layers of juicy instrumentation and harmonic color with ease and coherency. Bringing in a touch of funk and toying with a spout of 70s influences, Shapeshifter is solidly engaging. -CD Baby

If you like "Shapeshifter" get it here!

The Ease Down - Shapeshifter - 2007 pt1/rs
The Ease Down - Shapeshifter - 2007 pt2/rs
The Ease Down - Shapeshifter - 2007 pt1/sb

The Ease Down - Shapeshifter - 2007 pt2/sb

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