Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mandrew - The Wonderful World of Mandrew - 2007

WOW!! Their sophomore effort is another crunchy and jangly treat! "Sometimes near-perfect power-pop tunes are like a syrupy mess: sugarcoated love made in a mill and missing every natural ingredient known to man. But while Mike Andrew (a.k.a. Mandrew) has perfected that formula, he loads it up with all kinds of honest, saccharine-free goodness - like love and handclaps, tambourines and gritty guitars, and perfectly crafted melodies reminiscent of Matthew Sweet, the Raspberries, and Alex Chilton. At times his vocals are pushing and pulling like heartstrings. Other times his voice is filled with longing, like on the beautiful Brit-pop-inspired 'Princess on the Porch,' whose infectious chorus sticks in your gut like lost love. But mostly Mandrew's songs are all his, and pop doesn't get any purer than that!" - "It falls somewhere between 'power pop' and 'indie pop'. Whether it's the rocking 'Burning' (which sounds like McCartney fronting Collective Soul), the Jon Brion-ish 'Expanding The Collection', the Beatles-by-way-of-Matthew-Sweet 'I Can't Write', the Posies-esque 'Obsceneries' or the AC Newman-influenced 'Note to Self', his world is a wonderful one indeed, and this needs to go to the top of your current power pop wish list. I'm going to have to make room in my top 10 for it!" - High praise indeed! And spot on, we might add! Can't say enough about this! GREAT!!!! -Kool Kat Musik

If you like " The Wonderful World of Mandrew" get it here!

Mandrew - The Wonderful World of Mandrew - 2007

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Anonymous said...

Dude, what happened to The Sails album that was here earlier? I was looking forward to "trying" it out and the link isn't here any longer. Did they get to you or something?
If no one threatened to sue then put it back up immediately.


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