Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jules and the Polar Bears - Phonetics/Fenetiks - 1979

The second Polar Bears album follows much of the same formula as Got No Breeding, with less memorable results. The band still rocks in places but the overall production is slicker and a little more synthesizer heavy. Shear's songwriting is top-notch ranging from the pure pop of "Good Reason" to the beautiful ballad "Real Enough to Love." His delivery seems more restrained this time around. -AMG

If you like "Fanatkis" get it here!

Jules and the Polar Bears - Phonetics/Fenetiks - 1979 pt1
Jules and the Polar Bears - Phonetics/Fenetiks - 1979 pt2


binkerbo said...

I saw Jules on tour around the time of "No Breeding" They were opening for Rockpile. It was a good show. I kind of wish Jules had stayed in a band.

Anonymous said...

Thanks much for "Fenetiks" - have you got "Got No Breeding"? It would be cool if someone would reissue Jules' two EMI albums (even though I'm lucky enough to have gotten the Japanese CD of "Watch Dog"). Enjoy your break, Curty.

Curty Ray said...

Hey Bozo you will find Got no breeding here

Anonymous said...

Well, hot damn - how did I miss that?!! Thanks much, Curty Ray!

Bri from The Oohs (aka Electric Bozo)

Unknown said...



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