Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Popgun - A Day and a Half in Half a Day - 2007

Embracing the classics while creating fresh sounds in music is a difficult endeavor; Scandinavia's own Popgun has done so with style and a proper ounce of grit. This band will please even the most jaded of true rock-n-roll fans. Citing such influences as the Kinks, Nick Lowe, Teenage Fanclub, and beer, they are playful yet well crafted. The guitars on "The Bend" bob and weave through an infectious chorus, their trails and distortions accenting the songs crescendo. The quirky breakdown, slickly ascending drum line, and early Beatle-stylings make "A Brilliant Fake" an enjoyable sonic history lesson without calling attention to itself. This is the common thread throughout A Day and a Half in a Day; take in everything while forgetting nothing, yet keep moving forward. The opening lines to "My Machinery", bullet holes this point: "If you're still thinking bout that photograph I've got nothing left to say. You want the past but it's a broken path I was not walking anyway." These guys are musical wanderers with their own compass. In a digital age where music is merely a marketing ring tone, Popgun has made an album which leaves a real music fan wanting for nothing. -earbuzz.com

If you like "A Day and a Half in Half a Day" get it here!

Popgun - A Day and a Half in Half a Day - 2007

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