Friday, September 30, 2011

The Feedbacks - Nothing A Little Pop Won't Cure - 2002

The Feedbacks began to play in Mieres (Asturias) at the beginning of 1995, when Adolfo, (singer, guitar player and composer), his brother Carlos, and two friends, Diego y Javi, with nearly no experience with bands, gathered together to kill the time and also to emulate their idols, ancient melodic punk rock and power pop bands. On this excellent third installment of the Asturian Feedbacks, they expand thier horizons with more sedate but equally strong and vigorous songs.



Thursday, September 29, 2011

POP GEEK HEAVEN - Arrives This Friday! (special beta for Power Pop Prime buyers)

Bruce from over at Pop Geek Heaven sent us this little reminder.

I've been working on the Pop Geek Heaven project in my extra time for a good part of 2011. The dream of it, a lot longer.

It's finally ready - but before the 'rest of the world' can see and enjoy POP GEEK HEAVEN, I wanted to give you the first look at it.

Think of it as your Backstage Pass to a new kind of experience for the power pop fan.

This V.I.P. Access is one way for me to say "Thank You So Much!" for picking up my "Power Pop Prime" book this summer! (by the way, my digital gifts that I promised are going to be sent out in a few weeks so they are coming - and news on two other books coming next week, too!)

On Friday, you'll be ushered through the back door to check it all out first. Before anyone else!

So, when does Pop Geek Heaven launch?
Answer: Just go to this link on Friday at 1 p.m. M.S.T.

Please Understand: THIS IS A BETA TEST phase. There could be some issues and weirdness. If so, let me know what you're seeing - and be patient.

This is important - to enjoy everything at PopGeekHeaven when you go there on Friday, you must become a member of PGH (which costs you nothing so don't stress on it!).

I mention this so you are clear PGH is not some big company, corporate thing - it's a 'free'/gratis project that one person has been working on and will be supported by sales at the Pop Geek Heaven Store.

Everything with PGH has been a BIG vision in my head for years - and it's just been one person(me) working on the development of this(and I'm no techie so I've been limited with the resources to pull this all off).

But PGH is all about us, the fans - and the artists making the music.

Our passion for music and our interest & devotion to 'power pop' is what will make it work.

It's that simple. I really hope you dig it......

It's Live
RIGHT HERE on Friday!

Peace 'n (good) Pop,

Bruce Brodeen
(Just Another) Pop Geek

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Pyramidiacs - Nobody's Fools - 2001

Characterized by a upbeat power-pop feel, the Pyramidiacs sound has remained consistent since the group's 1988 origins. Based in the Sydney suburb of Fairfield, Australia, the original line-up of Eddie Owen (guitar/ vocals), Bob Susnjara (bass/ vocals) and Mickster Baty (drums) took upon a musical idolization for the Replacements, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and Matthew Sweet. With the 1992 addition of guitarist Mick O'Regan, the Pyramidiacs would eventually release a slew of singles and compilation tracks before their 1993 full-length debut, Don't Wish It. The following year saw the Pyramidiacs' second album, All You Want, released through Pink Flamingo Records before their 1995 European tour. The group's third album, Teeter Totter, came out in 1996 courtesy of Ranezz Records -AMG


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Silver Seas - Starry Gazey Pie - 2004

Daniel Tashian (vocals, guitar) was already an established solo artist when he enlisted the help of producer/keyboardist Jason Lehning to fashion the '70s-inspired classic pop/rock of the Silver Seas. Formerly known as the Bees (U.S.), the group formed in Nashville, TN, with John Deaderick (bass) and David Gehrke (drums) rounding out the lineup. The band's self-pressed debut disc, Starry Gazey Pie, was released in 2004 and received support from such influential radio stations as Boston's WFNX and L.A.'s KCRW. This, coupled with a national tour alongside Guster, enabled the group to release a follow-up, 2006's High Society. Cheap Lullaby signed the Bees (U.S.) in April 2007, and the Nashville band changed its name to the Silver Seas that September, citing a legal conflict with the British outfit A Band of Bees. The following month, Cheap Lullaby re-released High Society. -AMG



Monday, September 26, 2011

Moods for Moderns - Loud & Clear - 2001

Stealing more than a few pages out of the power pop handbook, Moods for Moderns has officially arrived as a veritable force with Loud & Clear. Big guitars, lush harmonies, and incessant energy mark this reverent, yet altogether refreshing, arena pop. Whether channeling Big Star influences on "Lust for Luster" or cavernous Left Banke-ish sounds on "Long Distance Dedication," Moods for Moderns is overwhelmingly on target with its decidedly backwards-looking pop confections. While the Zombies, Elvis Costello, and the Rolling Stones are all evoked at different moments, it's quite obvious that this band's loyalties lay in classic '70s rock. As this dedication has supposedly manifested itself in the band's members refusing to listen to any music recorded after 1979 during Loud & Clear's recording sessions, as well as only using recording equipment from that period, the result of their devotion is undeniably rewarding. Fairly predictable and obviously derivative, Moods for Moderns nonetheless succeed in presenting straightforward rock at its most undiluted. -AMG



Friday, September 23, 2011

True Love - Wings - 2005

Power pop torchbearers True Love deliver a gutting slab of melodic rock on their third studio release, Wings. If the title and cover art are meant as a humorously ironic allusion to Paul McCartney's post-Beatles group, the music therein also takes a similarly opposing direction from Macca's soft rock/AOR. Much like their guitar-heavy self-titled sophomore release, True Love rip through a series of über-melodic and somewhat emotionally pyrrhic mini-rock epics that bring to mind such icons of the genre as Cheap Trick, the Replacements, Elvis Costello, and others. This is pretty great stuff that will obviously appeal to the pop underground faithful, but deserves a much wider audience. -AMG



Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Stands - All Years Leaving - 2004

U.K. quartet the Stands traffic in gentle jangle pop rooted in the Byrds and the '60s West Coast sound, the mid-'60s Beatles, country Dylan, and in their missing and missed countrymen the La's. Their debut album, All Years Leaving, is coated in honey-sweet vocal harmonies, rollicking tempos, gently strummed guitars, and a general sense of easy nostalgia. Many, many bands have treaded this leaf-strewn, autumnal path and the Stands don't do much to distance themselves from the pack, nor do they stumble significantly. Middle of the packers then and that's not so bad. In fact, it is unfailingly pleasant. The tunes tend to blend together in a sepia-toned wave of gentle melancholia, but there are worse ways to spend 40 minutes. There are even a few that you will want to throw on mixtapes, like the dreamy opener, "I've Waited So Long"; "The Love You Give," which has a languid beat, slow-motion guitar plucking, and fine la-la-la backing vocals; and the album's crown jewel, "Here She Comes Again." It's definitely a cousin to the La's' "There She Goes," with a lovingly similar melody (and an almost direct lift from the Cars' "My Best Friend's Girl"), but it adds some Byrds-y 12-string and an emotion-packed bridge that does what a bridge should and jumps the song's intensity up a notch. It's the kind of song that you will want to listen to about five times in a row every time you hear it, the kind of song that would make you want this album even if the rest stunk. If they can come up with a couple more like it on their next record, they might take a giant step to the front of the pack. Until then, All Years Leaving is a fine, solid debut. -AMG



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bill Popp & The Tapes - Popp This - 1989

A unique and unconventional veteran of Manhattan's Lower East Side club scene, Bill Popp has often combined unapologetically Beatlesque power-pop with elements of punk and new wave. By the time his debut album was recorded in 1989, Popp and various editions of his band, the Tapes, had been playing live for eight years -- often getting a favorable response playing "Eleanor Rigby" for punk rockers at CBGB! Listening to the strong hooks and powerful melodies of "Don't Hold It Against Me," "She's in the Sky," and other gems on Popp This, it's impossible to miss the influence not only the Beatles, but also, other British Invasion icons like the Yardbirds and the Zombies. One could easily assume that the undeservedly obscure singer/composer (whose last name really is Popp) is British himself. But in fact, Popp was raised in the blue-collar College Point section of Queens. He consistently comes across as someone who is determined to play exactly what's in his gut -- and darn the consequences. -AMG



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summercamp - Pure Juice - 1997

The alternative rock quartet Summercamp first began to take shape in 1987, when vocalists/ guitarists Tim Cullen and Sean McCue first met in high school in their native Santa Barbara, CA; another fellow student, bassist Misha Feldmann, joined after graduation, and with the 1994 addition of drummer Tony Sevener, the group's roster was complete. After signing with Madonna's Maverick label, Summercamp issued their 1997 debut LP, Pure Juice.  -AMG



Monday, September 19, 2011

The Bristols - Tune In With - 2001

Fabienne Delsol & Liam Watson's garage supergroup featuring amongst it's ranks Bruce Brand (Milkshakes/Headcoats) Owen Thomas (Graham Coxon Band/Cee Bee Beaumont) Parsley (The Adventures of Parsley / Dutronc / Dee Rangers) and the glorious vocal talents of Miss Fabienne Delsol they released two full length albums on Damaged Goods and three singles.
They released their first single on Hangman's Daughter in 1994 followed by a split single with Japans Thee Michelle Gun Elephant a year later on Vinyl Japan.

Then they released two singles and albums on Damaged Goods before calling it a day in 2003.

After the split Fabienne Delsol has gone solo and released two albums so far 'No Time For Sorrows' (produced by Liam Watson at Toe Rag) and "Between Me And You" released in 2007



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Music of Note

Kris Rogers has played in a lot of the bands with (Kurt Baker, The Connection) and his new album is out this week called "Kris Rodgers and The Dirty Gems". It's old school piano rock n roll/pop featuring some cool doo-wop harmonies and tons of keyboards. Kurt Baker plays bass and sings a few back ups as well. For more information go to krisrodgersmusic

Kris Rodgers: Piano, Organ, Rhodes, and Vocals
Kurt Baker: Bass, Backing Vocals
Wyatt King: Drums
Tyler Johnson: Electric Guitar
Zach Uncles: Pedal Steel
Meg Doherty-Scannell: Backing Vocals

E.D. Sedgwick just put out a new record "Love Gets Lovelier Every Day" on Dischord. The limited edition 3-song single, released August 22, 2011, includes a full-length (11-song) MP3 download.

Customers who purchase the 7 inch in stores will get a coupon to download all 11-songs. If you buy the 7 inch from the songs are automatically added to your personal account to download.

The Power Pop Trio "The Perms" from Winnipeg are set to release their 5th album"Sofia Nights" this fall. In an industry where bands are lucky to last past their first single, this group has stood the test of time and continued to find success in creating stick-in-your-head songs. Their friendship and shared passion for making music that matters has been the motivation that drives this band forward.

When The Perm's started writing for the new album, it became clear that the band wanted to push the boundaries of their songwriting while keeping the hooks and energy...
For more Information go to

Fresh out of Sheperdstown, West Virginia RoZwell Kid has arrived on the scene with his self-titled debut release. RoZwell Kid is the stage name of Jordan Hudkins, drummer for his hometown act The Demon Beat. He's taking a little break from his gig as a drummer to step out on his own with this eclectic, electro pop effort that is decidedly different from the genre of music that he's accustomed to playing, and finds a common balance between the two that shows his ability to branch out in different genres with remarkable ease. -Music Box Pete

Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Planet - Let's Degenerate - 2001

The second Gearhead full-length from California's Red Planet finds the boys adorning the cover in coordinated black and red outfits that immediately conjure up preconceptions that the music inside will sound like those other fashion plates the Hives and the White Stripes (which wouldn't seem like too much of a stretch, since Gearhead also served as home to the Hives). Thankfully, looks can be deceiving. Red Planet's crunchy guitar attack and big choruses owe far more to power pop than garage rock, and, odds are, the band's members own more Cheap Trick live albums than Velvet Underground bootlegs. The vocals show traces of the playful snottiness of Robin Zander, but this record has the fingerprints of outfits like the Knack, the Nerves, the Flamin' Groovies, the Raspberries, and the Cars all over it. Although the album hardly changes the group's formula, it's a suitable follow-up to 2000s Revolution 33 and is sure to go over well with fans and select newcomers. This is a fun slab of straight-up, guitar-driven power pop with big vocals for those who find the Loch Ness Mouse too syrupy, Supergrass too British, and Superdrag too indie. It's also a surprising foray into power pop for Gearhead, a label normally associated with punks and garage throwbacks. -AMG


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cloud Eleven - Cloud Eleven - 1999

Rising from the ashes of the L.A. retro-pop group Jiffipop, Cloud Eleven is the meisterwork of Rick Gallego, who wrote all but one of the tunes on here and plays almost all the instruments. There's a 60s retro vibe, all swirly and psychedelic, with a strong pop base to everything on here, recalling Sgt. Pepper era pop pastiches. Highlights are numerous, but "Spiral (Come Way Down)," "Tokyo Aquarium," "Take Control," "Rainbow Station" stand out as lush, vibrant tunes with production values equally as forceful. Most clever songwriting award goes to "Look Of Sky," a pastiche of Left Banke lyrics and titles inspired by that group's leader Michael Brown. Light, trippy power pop that really hits the spot, this is one charmer of an album.   -AMG



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colin Clary and the Magogs - Her Life of Crime - 2004

Simplicity and subtlety are combined with solid songcraft and pristine arrangements to create an achingly poignant album of considerable emotional and lyrical depth all wrapped up and disguised as a sunshine pop record. If you like to make out to the Beach Boys and have ever fallen in love or had your heart broken then we consider you among our peers and this album is about someone like you. You know how Pet Sounds can sound beautiful and break your heart at the same time as it sticks in your head and wraps you in melody and harmony? Well, Colin Clary & the Magogs have taken that template and done their own thing, creating a pop album about small town life and the universal themes of heartbreak and forgiveness. This proves to be a fresh look at the problem of love in the modern era. This album allows the Magogs to apply their studio mastery and knack for mouth-wateringly simple and buoyant arrangements to Colin`s song cycle and the playful vocal interplay of Clary/Wall. The result is 12 tracks that make up one of the most listenably catchy and thought-provoking records of this year. -Not Lame


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chewy Marble - Chewy Marble - 1997

Chewy Marble's self-titled debut is a sparkling power-pop effort spotlighting founder Brian Kassan's versatile songwriting skills, which touch on influences ranging from Badfinger ("Loneliest Man") to the Zombies ("Peculiar") to even contemporary chamber-pop revivalists like the High Llamas ("Teacher's Pet"). -AMG



Monday, September 12, 2011

The Millions - MIllion Dollar Rock - 2003

Chicago's Millions turns in a chunky, fizzy, and promising set of glam-tinged modern rock on the band's self-released debut, Million Dollar Rock. Every inch of these songs that isn't filled with vocalist Dan Edwards' energetic if a bit workmanlike vocals is jammed with the roaring and screeching of Millions' twin guitars. This inescapable rattle puts the record in line with the smirking, anthemic alt.rock of acts like Lit or even Goldfinger. With just a bit of tweaking, "No Good Without You" could be a hair metal stomper in the vein of Mötley Crüe's "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)," and that's a good thing. These guys happily seize on the same mantle of enormous, slightly goofy rock held aloft by the Crüe -- but this being the 21st century, their cock rock is cut with a healthy shot of modern rock mojo. Standouts include "Today Is the Day" and "Gimme Gimme," where fun, studio-tweaked harmonies ooze all over a cool Cars chord progression. The impossibly huge metal soloing of the title track is pretty spectacular, too. Overall, Million Dollar Rock is painted with the same broad strokes and primary colors as the comic book superheroine depicted in its artwork. But it's equally as fun and curvaceous, content in its two-dimensional sugar high. -AMG



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stag – Don’t Lead With Your Heart 7″

You can order the new vinyl 7″ right now at Fin Records, also there is a bunch of cool shows coming up this fall including:

Sept 24th- w/ Daniel G. Harman & the Trouble Starts, Western Haunts, In Cahoots- The Comet

Oct 22- City Arts Festival – Capsula, Whalebones – The Comet

Don’t Lead With Your Heart –

Ides of March –

BUY the 7″ directly from Fin Records – limited to 500 on pink vinyl !
Stag – Official Website
Stag on Facebook

Friday, September 9, 2011

Amateur Lovers - Virgin White Lies - 1997

With their sugary harmonies, sophisticated song structures and fiendish hooks, Amateur Lovers filters '70s gloss like Billy Joel, Supertramp and 10cc through the raggedy ethos of post-grunge Seattle. After working the Seattle club scene, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard signed them to his Loosegroove Records label. Released in late June, "Virgin White Lies" brings back the halcyon junior high school days of teacher crushes and first love blushes in 12 delightfully hummable tunes.- Dave Ford



Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New Fidelity - The New Fidelity - 2005

Debut album from The New Fidelity sound like a power pop version of Green On Red, The Connells, early Teenage Fanclub and The Dream Syndicate. There`s some Pixies and lots and lots of New Zealand pop sounds from the early/mid 90`s with bands like The Bats and Straightjacket Fits. Like some of these bands, there`s a mid 80`s desert rock sound that step alongside this pop bands` sound, making it sound fresh, vibrant and exciting, not cut from the loin cloth of just any generic band. "Aside from their masterful harmonies, the New Fidelity sound nothing like The Beach Boys and everything like the soundtrack to an 80`s movie that was never made"-Calender. That is a apt and amusing statement, actually..and accurate(we`re going for the `a` motif with our descriptives it appears!). Each listen reveals something new, some new vibe to latch onto that listen earlier did not even hint at. Layers of sublime nuance and easy-to-enjoy, hard driving guitar melodies. Extremely Highly Recommended! -Not Lame



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cosmonauts 7” on Bad Afro

Bad Afro is very proud to introduce the first 7" on the label with an American band. And what a great and especially LOUD release it is. Cosmonauts was formed in 2009 and resides in Orange County in sunny southern California and sound like a bunch of kids that don't like the beach too much and spend their time inside taking drugs and complaining that it never rains. They have a huge buzzing sound that rely on broken amps and not pedals that most bands use to make noise. Derek Cowarts vocals appears as an instrument in itself that resembles the way that David Yow used to influence the sound of Jesus Lizard (although Cosmonauts does not sound like Jesus Lizard).The 7" includes the two exclusive songs Emerald Green and Motorcycle One and will be released later this year.

Cosmonauts released their great self-titled debut album in 2010 on Permanent Records in Chicago although it was originally released on tape on Burger Records. They also have a 7" out on the Italian label Goodbye Boozy. They have recently completed the recordings of their second album which will be released on Burger Records.

And here's a video for Yer So Rad from their debut album below

Bad Afro Records
Halmtorvet 29, bygn. 12 A
1700 Copenhagen V

The Stereotypes - 1 - 2002

San Diego's The Stereotypes, formed in 2001 by John Finkbiner and Mike Kamoo, have a classic sound that mines late-60's jangly psych-pop, indie-garage-rock, and 80's alternative with a post-punk D.I.Y. aesthetic.
The band released it's first EP (“1”) to much critical acclaim. The Stereotypes, with their infectious guitar pop melodies, soon began opening shows for the legendary Buzzcocks, Spoon, Supergrass, among others.



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Papas Fritas - Helioself - 1997

On their second album, Helioself, Papas Fritas displays an increased sense of songcraft and a sharper sense of melody, resulting in a bright, effervescent indie rock record. Where their debut was occasionally brittle, Helioself is rounded and warm, and one of the most infectious pop records in the post-alternative indie rock world of the late '90s. -AMG



Friday, September 2, 2011

Einstein's Sister - Einstein's Sister - 1999

The debut album from Quad Cities' power popsters Einstein's Sister (originally released under the name Douglas and Tucker, the principal songwriting duo) is, as described by the band themselves, a "demo on steroids." Bill Douglas and Kerry Tucker were basically the whole band at this point, and while its clear that the blueprint for the Einstein's Sister releases to come was mostly in place, there are a few notable differences. The band's obvious musical touchpoints -- Elvis Costello, Squeeze, and XTC -- are all evident here, but there is significantly less focus. For example, "King in Name Alone" sounds just like Reckoning-era R.E.M., "Play God" and "My Own Country" are harder-rocking, Who-influenced numbers, and "Little Known Fact" pulls in the influences of oldies and blues. That's not necessarily bad, but it does show that the band hadn't quite yet found their voice. And then there's the "demo on steroids" part: the album is basically a collection of eight-track demos recorded with a rotating list of studio musicians to fill in the parts, meaning it occasionally lacks some of the cohesion found on later Einstein's Sister records. Overall, the whole thing comes across as a bit folksier and a bit rougher, but almost as charming and every bit as catchy as what would come later. -AMG



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Touchy/Feely A Music project in New York, NY by Frank Bango

Brambles - Next Big Thing - 2000

Preferring to believe that the glass is half full rather than half empty, these brothers tend to have rather soft and gentle harmonies over some breezy, laid-back pop/rock arrangements. The opening title track is a good example of this, evoking images of the Beach Boys and endless summer California days. "Gotta Be Love" continues in a tight and dreamy pop sequence, with the appropriate singalong portions and "doo do doos." A good portion of the album keeps a framework that works well, but at times the lyrics and overall feeling lose some of their energy. "Wish" is such a case, as the closing minute is just repetitive and should have been edited. Slower or alternative tempo ballads like "This," "She'll Never Know," and "A Need for Knowing" recall bands such as the Rembrandts and even the La's, particularly during the brief but inspired guitar solos. One of the finer songs and perhaps the album's best is "Baby Girl." Both Tim Anthony and Lou Anthony complement each other quite well, but the vocals aren't powerful or over the top, relying on the music to lead the way, as on "Feels Like Forever." The result is a series of adequate and quite melodic summer pop tunes, culminating in the pretty "Happy Ending." -AMG




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