Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Buva - All This Humming - 2006

Buva's All This Humming: Buva's Tom Wolfe is an admirer of Brian Wilson, Revolver-era Beatles and Gram Parsons (or is that the Eagles?). Buva's All This Humming (Hi-fi In Motion) gorgeously navigates the gentle waters between Pet Sounds and Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed," a sweet-kneed album of soft boy vocals and swirling arrangements that ring in your memory like a good dream. And Buva doesn't come by this muse accidentally. Like Jon Brion and Aimee Mann, Wolfe is a master at creating cinematic moods and lovesick tone poems within glowing, gently pulsating production epics. Playing all the instruments himself (except for the guitar of Beck's Lyle Workman), Wolfe spins Mellotron, drums, guitars, glockenspiels and the kitchen sink into a lush, Senssuround world of melodic bliss. All This Humming cements Wolfe's rep as major domo of sonic splendor, creating a daydream nation for all those who long for sweet melodies, gentle rhythms and memorable tunes. Prepare your MP3 player for the backwards guitars, twinkling bells and shiny happy message of "She Makes Me Fall Down." "Out Of My Mouth" recalls Fountains of Wayne, if they had the gusto to reimagine The Beatles' "If I Needed Someone" or George Harrison's "Give Me Love." The song's glistening harmonies send shivers with angelic ascension. "Just Step Away" furthers Buva's bliss, a hush of brushed drums, clarinets, Mellotron and steel guitars creating a dew eyed, misty morning classic. And Buva rocks out too, "Something That I Need To Hear" cruising high and mighty, a driving tune for weekend escapes. -Ken Micallef YAHOO! Music

If you like "All This Humming" get it here!

Buva - All This Humming - 2006 pt1 / rs
Buva - All This Humming - 2006 pt2 / rs

Buva - All This Humming - 2006 pt1 / sb
Buva - All This Humming - 2006 pt2 / sb


jay strange said...

like the steve ward ive long had and adored this brilliant slice of pop genius....this album was definately in my top ten the year it came out..i already had his prevoius ep and thats amazing so you can imagine how thrilled i was when this album finally appeared and it is everything i hoped it would be....a top class joy

Anonymous said...

Much obliged for the buva. I've been hoping for this one for a while. Keep up the fantastic job! All the best, - Duponceau


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