Monday, October 6, 2008

The Shazam - The Shazam - 1997

Right away in "Let's Away" listeners know the Shazam hear the Move's grass grow. The second track, "Oh No," starts up with Cheap Trick, but then this Tennessee trio hits a peculiar stride. Sure, "Hooray for Me" gives a Sweet wink and the rockin' "Rollercoaster" comes down helter-skelter, but the boys also run off into the Greenberry Woods to conjure the real hot Not Lame stable (where the Shazam now reside). The Shazam even play "Deep Low" with the Outfield's "Nervous Alibi." And so it goes, vacillating between Brits and Yanks, pillaging all the powerful pop deposited between, while attempting personal panache. Acknowledging the '70s, this black slab tries several styles, but things really swing when the band slams the hammer down. Thus, though their debut is late for the revolution, the Shazam gives good rock and should venture out to some interesting places. -AMG

If you like "The Shazam" get it here!

The Shazam - The Shazam - 1997 rs
The Shazam - The Shazam - 1997 mu


Anonymous said...

This is one of those bands who have a number of songs I like, but never the full album.

Does anybody know if they have any kind of "greatest hits" compiliation?

knownote said...

The sharebee links seem to be going nowwhere, they keep timing out. Is this a temporary thing or are the links dead? Just curious!

Ming said...

Anonymous (up there) must be tone deaf!


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