Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heavy Psych Sounds present APE SKULL

Let’s forget stoner…. It’s so 1990s! C’mon let’s get over that rather contemporary metallic retread of classic Sabs riffs by guys in baggy shorts with shaved heads! There’s no need to reinvent the source material when it’s so good.

Rolling back four or so years before Brit rock and its US cousins had slowed riffs down to a doomy level Eric, Jack and Ginger, Peter Green and one Jimi Hendrix had taken the mantle and done something of their own with their beloved blues. That spirit spread around the world and inspired bands like Blue Cheer, The Damnation Of Adam Blessing, Jerusalem, Dust and a whole host of long haired lads and lasses that combined acid-rock with blues, country-rock, soul and funky grooves to create the heavy and hard-rock scenes. Its influence has never passed, but it’s often mutated in unpleasant ways that must sicken the forefathers. Italy’s Ape Skull certainly won’t be offending anybody who can remember sitting cross-legged at hashish infused open-air festivals across the late ’60s.

Just as the old bands came to rock from humble beginning (starting in beat, blues and garage bands) Ape Skull’s roots lie in the late ’90s psychedelic and freakbeat scene – Giulianio Padroni (drums) and Fulvio Cartacci (guitar) played in the superb The Victorians, who graced the stages of mod and ’60s events all across Europe. Unlike many new bands who have come from metal and turned the clocks back to ’73 Ape Skull have worked forward; a far more apt path to follow. The same root that led to Cream and Led Zep!

In covering the heavy psych groove of the dancefloor classic ‘I’ve Got No Time’ (by little known German act Orange Peel) Ape Skull tie their colours to the mast, knowing that in certain circles this will mean something. ‘Time In Wind’ sees them in a more American mode recalling the softer moments of Blue Cheer, Kak or even British soulful rockers Free. Across the entire album they shift tempo and motifs, never stuck on that one same gloomy chord progression!

The “Classic Rock” brigade will go ape for this band, but then so will Black Keys followers, ’60s psych fans and everybody in between. It really is that good.

Listen up and make sure you get wind of Ape Skull. It’s certainly the best rock album you’ll hear this year.

'So Deep' from the album "Apeskull"

Formats: LP / CD / Download

Release Date: June 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paul Messis - Case Closed

Case Closed is the second album by underground singer - songwriting sensation Paul Messis; following the tradition of Messis' earlier works this fierier and janglier follow-up confirms his place in the arena of garage-punk legend.

After a slew of 45rpm singles and the critically acclaimed debut album this new release continues where Paul's first left off, giving the listener an exceptional slice of reality and a deep insight into the thoughts of a youngster from today using cleverly written prose-like lyrical meanderings and existential themes. In essence Case Closed is an outsider album—outsiders usually pinpoint society's faults with little effort whatsoever, the same applies in regards to Messis and the album you're reading about. It’s also a rip-roaring pop album that picks up the energy of the early Brit Invasion and the leagues of both disenfranchised and invigorated teen combos that aspired, if not always having the tuneful ability, to be the next Beatles or Byrds.

Messis, however, does not sound old, tired or retrogressive. His production methods and chord changes may recall Back From The Grave, The Wylde Mammoths, the C86 lo-fi jangle movement and so on, but his songs, attitude and pissed-off, sad outlook are the real deal. More punk than anything else out there, more introspective than any glossy Emo or downer folk band and as good as anyone schooled in three-chord pop song craft.

The album travels through the sounds of savage garage punker, gentle jangling folk-rock and melancholic ballads, giving the listener a wholesome and varied experience.

Billy Childish may have once said, “Simple music for simple people”. Well, it’s somewhat changed now. “Simple music for people that think”. Like the young Dylan, Messis is defiant and has a lot to say.

Case Closed
State Records
180g Vinyl LP
Release Date: June 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Records - Starry Eyed (Shipping 1st April) from Zero Hour

Finally in production. This tribute gathers a host of bands and artists from around the world to pay tribute to one of the finest power pop bands. Featuring: Bill Lloyd, Off Broadway, Dan Sarka & The Moistness, Donovans Brain (Bobby Sutliff/Dennis Tek), Steven Deal, Devin Hill, The Split Squad, Lannie Flowers, Zombie Western Baby, Mike Dees, The Injured Parties, The Mold Monkies, The Bottle Kids, Vex and The Vextones, Words, The World Record, The Popdogs, Undecided By Default, The Cheeks and The Broken Rekkids.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Secret Friend release their music video for Killing Time

Secret Friend today has released their 2nd music video from their debut album "Time Machine". The live-action and animated "Killing Time" video was shot in Northampton, England by London-based director Stephen Smith.

This video brings to life the dark comedy of the lyrics of "Killing Time", and carefully straddles a fine line between being gruesome and hilarious. According to songwriter Steven Fox, the lyrics were initially just an exercise, "I wanted to try to write a song using strictly conversational tone -- no rhymes or metaphors or other poetic flourishes, yet still maintaining the underlying meter and rhyme of the song, albeit disguised. The lyric can be spoken aloud without giving away the fact that it is from a song." He added, "I can’t recall how I came up with the subject matter, but rest assured, it is pure fiction."

"Killing Time" features Willie Wisely on lead vocals, supported by Kelly Jones on background vocals, Linus of Hollywood on guitars and Roger Manning Jr. on keyboards.

"Killing Time" is from Secret Friend’s debut album “Time Machine”, available on CD at, plus iTunes and all the other major online services. Recorded last year in Los Angeles California, "Time Machine" is the unique pairing of Australian songwriter Steven Fox with acclaimed American producer Linus of Hollywood. The result is a collection of 12 exceptionally crafted and original pop songs, which has received rave reviews from around the world since its release in January.

Official website:
Time Machine Album Video Sampler:


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