Thursday, October 2, 2008

Linus Of Hollywood - Triangle - 2006

Linus is a firebrand stamp of soft pop genius. All Linus` albums are filled with sunny AM-infused keyboard-based power pop, Linus` vocals are reminiscent of Gilbert O`Sullivan(an musical influence, as well) and the music is a potpourri of light-ly breaded pop for fans of The Nines, Lovin` Spoonful, The Left Banke, Jellyfish will gobble this modern day miracle: a record totally contemporary but dispatching the flair of genius past. Think Wondermints digging on Michael Brown instead of Bacharach. Or XTC eating lunch w/ Simon and Garfunkel and Stealers Wheel. Or.....well, David Bash, writer for countless zines and literary pop visionary has this some definite Jellyfish influences, and a childlike charm and purity on many of the tracks that Brian Wilson/Wondermints fans would definitely appreciate." -Not Lame

If you like "Triangle" get it here!

Linus Of Hollywood - Triangle - 2006


Silversuit said...

Thanks so much. You are a gem :-) !

Anonymous said...

thanks. Have not kept up with this artist since your fav record, which was great. look forward to this listen.

Unknown said...

Linus's Old band Size 14 - 1990s Power pop Band - The band have recently made B-Sides and Unreleased Tracks available via Facebook to listen to :

Size 14 Facebook Page


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