Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gonna Take a Couple of Days Off

I am going to take a short break. Don't forget to comment and please share your requests! Also don't forget to vote for your top Power pop albums (the link is to your right). Voting ends 10/31.

See ya


Anonymous said...

Curty Ray,
Since the day you began PowerPop Overdose has consistantly been my favorite blog. Our taste in music runs along very similar lines, so it's easy for me to say how great your site is. Enjoy your rest and know that there are many of us out here who look forward to your next post.
If I could make a suggestion and a request: One of my all-time favorite albums/CD's is "Now And Again" from The Grapes of Wrath (1989). I absolutely love this CD- it is timeless and will always be a classic in my humble view. Finally, I hope to someday see Buva's "All This Humming" (2007) posted here. Thanks again for all the excellent bands, music, and memories!
- Duponceau

Allen Lulu said...

Where do we vote?
My vote is for Rick Springfield's Working Class Dog.
I think that is the best example of Power Pop. When I want to explain it I send people there.

Todd said...

Hi Allen L.!
All you need to do to vote for your top Five is click on the add next to column. Click on the "Find out more" under "What is your opinion?"
Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

enjoy a well worth rest! love your blog.


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