Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Well Wishers - How I Won The War - 2007

Following the demise of Spinning Jennies, one of San Francisco's most revered and long-lived power pop bands, frontman Jeff Shelton formed the Well Wishers to explore his talents as a solo artist and further mine the deeply melodic foundation of the Jennies' unique style of pop.Since forming in 2003, the Well Wishers have released THREE full-length albums - 2004's "Twenty-Four Seven" and 2005's "Under the Arrows" - both on pop-friendly NotLame Records, and 2007's post-punk/power pop odyssey "How I Won The War". Based on a solid foundation of melody, songsmith, and the ever important "musical hook", all the Well Wishers' albums offer a warm, full-bodied sound and engaging take on the typical power pop formula. -thewellwishers


amc8051 said...

I know this has been up for quite awhile, but any chance for an updated link?

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Links have been updated

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