Monday, October 6, 2008

Someday Tricycle - Mystic Knights of the Pretty Sun - 2007

Someday Tricycle began in the Spring of 2004 when Joe MacKenzie shared a CD of his 8-track demos with drummer Richard Gowen, who he had played with in a Jacksonville FL band called The Buenos Aires. They decided to play the songs live and first enlisted the help of bassist Brad Stripling who had played with Richard in The Kate Rays. The trio rehearsed a few times before recruiting another former guitarist of The Buenos Aires, Stephen Flakus. This freed up Joe to play piano parts and added another voice to recreate the harmonies from the demo recordings in a live setting.The quartet played some shows around Jacksonville under the name Pretty Sun, but took a hiatus over the summer when Joe and Stephen joined Richard on a tour of Florida with the band Biirdie. Not long after, Richard relocated to Los Angeles to play with Biirdie full time. The remaining members played shows as a trio, with all members switching instruments. Eventually a few local drummers were enlisted to convey the multi-layered texture of the recordings.New material continued to grow, as did the band's access to better recording equipment. Studio work overtook the live shows for a while in order to release a full length LP. After months of recording and mixing, the band enlisted the help of Derek Almstead (of Elf Power and Circulatory System) to master the tracks. The resulting album Mystic Knights of the Pretty Sun has drawn comparisons to many of the "B" bands; The Byrds, Big Star, Badfinger, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys.

If you like "Mystic Knights of the Pretty Sun" get it here!

Someday Tricycle - Mystic Knights of the Pretty Sun - 2007


Dauman said...

Thanks for your wonderful Blog!
I appreciate it every day!!!

Ever tried "Carolina Liar"?
In my opinion the best PowerPop-Album from 2008!

Kay Aspar said...

What the f...!
What a great band!
Never heard or read of them before...these guys know how to write strange,great melodic tunes!
Thanks for sharing!!


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