Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kai Reiner - Kai Reiner - 2008

WOW!!! OK - here's the first clue: There's a Rickenbacker guitar on the cover (so you know you've got our immediate attention) - so, it's probably jangly, right? A resounding YES YES YES! And the guy looks totally pop! What else do you need? Kai lives in the proximity of Hamburg, Germany. He appreciates good books, movies and last, but not least, good music. A couple of years ago his brother Marc dragged him (against his will) to a Brian Wilson concert. Since then Kai feels different about life. Music has the power to change ones character. He has become a much friendlier person now that he plays Pop music. His rather impressive list of influences includes The Beatles, Brian Wilson, Teenage Fanclub (who we hear BIG BIG BIG TIME on this), Big Star, Matthew Sweet, Pernice Brothers, and the Pearlfishers. Not a bad list of poppers, wouldn't you say? And all off the aforementioned influences are indeed present throughout! -Kool Kat

If you like "Kai Reiner" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

I've got another great request for you. If you have someday tricycle - mystic knights of the pretty sun , from 2007 please post it. It's a fantastic obscure album that no one seems to know about. The samples at cdbaby are gorgeous. Thanks!

steak said...

thanks for your work.

Curty try i listen to this and tell me your opinion.

it's a band from Findlan named kiki pau

Anonymous said...


Bolinhas Records Label of Brazil,
this doing the distribution of the disc Kai Reiner in Brazil.

More Details:


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