Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jackdaw4 - Gramophone Logic - 2004

It?s mid summer and you sit in a chair on a beach looking at the children playing football in front of you,some gorgeous good looking women are headed for the ocean and in your right hand you hold an ice cold drink and are just enjoying a wonderful time in the sun.
What could be more perfect than the soundtrack for your hot summer day and that album is Jackdaw4?s debut "Gramophone logic" which is a mighty tasty pop affair of Beach Boys harmonies,Jellyfish vibes and a touch of Air Supply as well!
The band consisting of Willie Dowling - vocals, keyboards, bass, guitars, ukele, banjo; Greg Hatwell - vocals, guitars, Andy Lewis - vocals, bass, double bass; and Andy Robertson - drums, percussion is based in England but they sound like California a la 1975.
Honeycrack, the band Willie formed with ex-Wildhearts guitarist CJ in the summer of 1994, were one of the finest British pop bands of the Nineties according to many.
Jackdaw4 makes "feel good" music and once you put on the opening track "This is your life",you will be charmed by their sunny music and cannot let yourself go from the stereo!
A mighty fine release indeed. -

If you like "Gramophone Logic" get it here!

Jackdaw4 - Gramophone Logic - 2004


Anonymous said...

Jackdaw4 is giving away five free tracks on their webiste: two from each album and the theme to a UK tv show...

Anonymous said...

Do you have Jackdaw4 - Bipolar Diversions? Please post when you have a chance. Awesome site!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thaxalot for a fantastic album by a great band (very Klaatuesque I might add). BUT: track 2 "The Day I Read The Book" has got a digital glitch or something some 2 minutes into the song. Could you repost it??? Please. Hey: I even bought the recors at CD Baby, but it takes quite some time for them records to come to Germany. Thanks anyway, Frank

Curty Ray said...

Het Frank!!
Thanks for letting me know, here is the repaired link for "The Day I Read The Book"



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