Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OFFICIAL 50th Anniversary Recording of “LOUIE LOUIE” released for FREE

Few songs have impacted the generations of rockers like the “Louie Louie.” The song has sold millions of copies, been covered by nearly every bar band and released by dozens of major recording artists. No version, however, has been quite as popular and time-tested as The Kingsmen’s classic 1963 rendition.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Kingsmen releasing their classic version of this American rock standard. On Sunday September 29th, Original Kingsmen lead guitarist MIKE MITCHELL went back into the studio to re-record his famous lead guitar solo with one of todays most energetic and talented young bands, “The CRY!” The results are EPIC!

Of course, like the original, the track was recorded in Portland, Oregon (this time at Fetish Pop Studios) and features Mike’s epic lead solo. Joining Mike on Guitar is The CRY!’s Brian Crace. The two pickers immediately found chemistry and (true to the garage genre) only took three takes to get the final leads tracked. The CRY! front man Ray Nelsen’s punky lead vocal style fits perfectly (and we can actually understand the lyrics!) Bassist Dave Berkham and drummer Kurt Lavon deliver the goods filling out the rhythm section and backing vocals.

In celebration of this song (and a half century of togas, beer and frat parties) Mike is joining The CRY! in releasing this OFICIAL 50th ANNIVERSARY VERSION for FREE DOWNLOAD. .

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Thanes brilliant new single on State Records

The Thanes have long been ambassadors of ’60s folk-punk and garage pop jangle, so it's not really surprising that their new single should reflect these distinct qualities. In fact they were making records like this before the new breed of mid-6os loving kids were even born. But that’s not to say they’re old hat. Singer and guitarist Lenny Helsing has led a plethora of line-up changes – now settled on Angus McPake (12-string guitar / organ / vocals), Mark Hunter (bass / vocals) and Mike Goodwin (dums) – that reaches back to the mid-80s; but unlike some of their more visual and visceral ’80s contemporaries the group never succumbed to an over use of fuzztone and onstage bombast, keeping their approach and style far more oblique and honest. The Thanes’ distinct sound has changed little over the years too. Whilst bands have come and gone and moved onto new pastures they have continued to focus on a format of perfecting the mid-60s jangle of LA bands that “Love-d” The Byrds (ie The Dovers), the weirdly mixed-up beat of Dutch bands like The Outsiders and Q65 and the minor-key moodiness of Scottish ancestors The Poets. Their music has never dated or aged. It remains undiminished.

‘She's Coming Back To Me’ is a perfectly encapsulated melodic slice of jangly garage furnished with short jabs of fuzz across the chorus. Unexpectedly, it then veers off into a whirligig of jazz-spiked 12-string … and back again, as authentic in spirit and sound and as tightly constructed as any of ye olde garage nuggets that so often gain spins on 6 Music and beyond.

The flip-side houses the group’s reading of ‘Love Is Fading Away’, originally recorded by The Poets back in the autumn of 1965, but not released commercially until 30 years later. Although The Thanes’ version was recorded before the death – in August 2012 – of Poets’ founder, lead singer and songwriter George Gallacher, it now serves as the group's poignant tribute to the memory of their great friend, musical compatriot and truly dynamic voice! Between 2010-2012 The Thanes led an interesting double-life, playing as The Poets, featuring George Gallacher and guitarist Fraser Watson, breathing new life into and giving a distinct edge to the group’s much-loved Decca and Immediate material. If much of Scotland are fretting over independence The Thanes are single handedly keeping the music of the nation’s finest beat group alive. Frankly, it is that important!

These latest waxings are fruits born out of sessions undertaken in group member Angus McPake’s self-built Ravencraig studio complex deep in the heart of Edinburgh. As with both State and Toe Rag recordings the analogue recordings leap out of the speakers.

The Thanes - She's Coming Back To Me

She's Coming Back To Me / Love Is Fading Away

70g vinyl single
Release Date: 22nd October 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Beaulieu Porch's debut vinyl single 'The View From Gainsborough'

Beaulieu Porch is the work of one man, Simon Berry. He writes, plays and records his orchestrated, baroque psychedelic pop songs on his home studio in a secluded spot in the south of England. He creates all the artwork, and releases his records through his own burgeoning label, Tillsammans Records. The debut, self-titled album was released at the tail end of last year to a clamour of praise and critical appreciation, appearing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Tame Impala and Brian Jonestown Massacre in several end of year “best of” charts. The follow up album, We Are Beautiful, released this year, has already appeared in several best of 2013 lists, alongside Jacco Gardner, Temples, Foxygen et al, picking up some marvellous reviews on the way..." A sublime work" (The Sound Of Confusion Blog)..."absolutely stunning" (Sound Injections Blog)..."effortless hooks spilling out and intimate pop mastery virtually bubbling up at every turn" (Sunrise Ocean Bender Blog) and "very much an essential purchase" (Shindig!​ Magazine).

The View From Gainsborough’ is a galvanic slice of pure modern psychedelic pop; swathes of backwards guitar chords over crashing drums and tambourines introduce a floating, harpsichord led verse, and the catchy, sing-a-long "Let me be you guide, to the other side" chorus will be lodged firmly in your open mind. If you listen carefully towards the end, you may hear, among the strings and guitars, something that sounds like a latin mass sung backward at the wrong speed in a high pitch.

Beaulieu Porch - The View From Gainsborough

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Electric Stars's new single

Although Manchester is home to The Electric Stars they’re not just another Northern act trying to rekindle the past indie glories of The Smiths and Stone Roses. Renowned Manc diva Denise Johnson (she of those great Primal Scream records ‘Movin’ On Up’ etc) showed up on last year’s critically acclaimed Sonic Candy Soul album singing some gutsy gospel backing vocals on the Gram/Stones/Scream vibed ‘Stoned Again’. There’s a similar edge too on ‘Every Now And Then’ (this single’s exclusive track) that packs a country-honk swagger to rival Exile…

If the majority of the Stars’ music is certainly more inspired by those halcyon days of the mid-60s through mid-70s (touching on wide eyed psychedelic pop, raunchy rhythm and blooze and glamish pop/rock) it’s all faultlessly topped off with a polished contemporary pop edge that is crying out for daytime radio play and a tabloid newspaper fan base. Working class pop music, honed on good times.

Jason Edge predominantly sings in a gently effete manner, more Blunstone than anyone, but he can easily slip into that louche Jagger white man sings the blues after a Jack and coke mode, heard here on ‘Every Now And Then’. The two accompanying tracks from the Sonic Candy Soul album take in ‘Between The Streets And The Stars’’ 1966 styled mod/pop style and the far darker hued drama of ‘Bedtime Stories’, which could have been made by an early ’80s act informed by Bowie’s Berlin period.

These three songs air The Electric Stars various strands. Although immensely different they slot together like Ikea furniture. It all clicks!

The Electric Stars - Between The Sheets And The Stars
The Electric Stars Facebook
Paisley Archive
Cat. No: PA028
Formats: CD Single / Download

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Johnny Casino is one of the most admired and respected musicians of the Rock&Roll scene of Australia. He was guitarist and leader of Asteroid B-612, having a good success in the middle of the 90’s. He also lead other great bands, such as the superband The Egos, or the American Johnny Casino’s Easy Action. In the last years, he decided to concentrate on Johnny Casino & the Secrets in addition to collaborating with other great Australian musicians. This double LP is a compilation of the best songs of this wonderful guitarist, singer and songwriter, till now only released on cd.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A little time off to think...

I have been struggling about what to do with PPO  and it's future. I am going to take a little time off and mull it over. No Secret Saturdays, no posts, no music, no nothing for a while. Sorry!

Look through the archives while I am away, I bet there is something you missed. Also feel free to leave comments suggestions or what ever comes to mind.

Feel free to email me but I may be slow to respond  so please have patience.

As always, thanks to everyone out there. Without all of you, I wouldn't still be here.

See ya!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Sam Vicari keeps it simple. The Chicago-based Vicari's songs have an electric pulse, but bear the imprint of a singer / songwriter, with themes touching on heartbreak, alienation and Midwestern ennui. That's not to say that the record is a sad-sack, cry in your beer lament. Vicari harnesses the power pop hooks and sunny on the outside exterior of classic 90s alternative acts, recalling Pinkerton-era Weezer, Bob Mould's poppier Sugar moments, and the smart, biting lyricism that has given Superdrag such longevity. "My favorite bands and musicians have always been the ones who are very simple, sincere, and honest in their delivery," says Vicari. "I guess I strive for the same thing. I don’t really like to premeditate; I just let things come out the way they do."

In keeping with his humble vibe, Vicari was raised in a small Indiana town before moving to Chicago. After a series of demos and EPs, his proper debut LP Keep Careful was released independently while Vicari was attending college to become an elementary school teacher. Garnering marked press and a cult audience, the album went on to be named one of Chicagoist's favorite local releases. Fast forward to 2012, and we have Vicari's followup Heart Explosion, fully funded through profits of tutoring math to 5th and 6th graders, and through a part-time Starbucks barista gig.

It's this humble sincerity, and workingman integrity that informs every track onHeart Explosion, along with twenty-something heartbreak and healing. "It was my first year out of college, and I didn’t really have any idea what I was going to do next," says Vicari. "I had put a lot of hope and energy into jobs and relationships just to have them fall through, which was really discouraging. I was working all the time, so I was pretty tired. It was definitely the right environment to write a record like this one.

Utilizing guitar overdubs and recorded on tape, Heart Explosion comes alive with a verve and rawness absent from so much overproduced, alt-pop these days. "We bought 3 reels of 2 inch tape for $25 dollars per reel," recalls Vicari. That’s absurdly cheap. Since our tape was old and used, it made the record sound a little rough and washed out, but it still has the power of tape. I’m really proud of the way everything came out."

Sam Vicari - Heart Explosion

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dw Dunphy - The Radial Night

This is Dw Dunphy's first vocal album since 2010, The Radial Night, is a concept album with interlocking ideas concerning the perils of modernity, communication, relationships, and self-revelation.

A one-man band operation, Dw Dunphy wrote and recorded The Radial Night on his laptop computer while, at the same time, shooting for a full-band sound experience.

With a mind for 60s-70s pop/rock, Dw Dunphy's The Radial Night is lo-fi indie rock with high-production aspirations and universally recognized thematic concepts.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Dwarf - Towards Abstraction due July 28th

Big Dwarf are not text book cool and they’re not destined for the front cover of the NME, but if Bowie circa Station To Station, Pink Floyd’s mid-70s Harvest period (Dark Side Of The Moon / Wish You Were Here), the kraut stylings of Neu, Gong and indeed Steve Hillage’s solo work (that gliss guitar, in particular) alongside a smattering of free festival Orb-like electronica, ’80s artistic pop, Talk Talk and the darker elements of the opiated drones and vocals of Spacemen 3, The Darkside and Spectrum topped off with a slightly E-cstatic driven ’90s feel akin to Happy Mondays, Terry Bicker’s Levitation and Primal Scream circa Screamadelica appeal you’ll find a lot to enjoy. These are only merely reference points as this is an act that don’t benefit from musical era shoe horning. Instead of wearing influences on sleeves Big Dwarf delicately combine sustained acid guitar breaks, funky movements and a space-rock atmosphere into a field of their own.

Towards Abstraction, which includes an ongoing collaboration with the beautiful Alison O’Donnell of ‘70s acid-folk legends Mellow Candle and mixing, electronics and engineering from Stephen Mallinder of ’80s synth protagonists Cabaret Voltaire furthers the druggy imagination displayed on their fast becoming rare debut EP.

Pre-order BIG DWARF’s towards abstraction… album on CD and receive it hot off the press for low price of £5 (plus P&P and taxes where applicable)!

* Limited to pre-orders only! * The band will show their appreciation with signed dedications to the purchaser on the inside sleeve! If you would like the dedications to a name other than that on the invoice please notify us in the comments section of your order.

Towards Abstraction
CD / Download
Release Date: July 28th 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Formed following the tragic circumstances that led to the end of awesome garage band Thee Vicars, the remaining members hooked up with players from MFC Chicken for this new band. Now Groovie Records have the pleasure to present you here 2 authentic beat-garage songs to put you dancing all night long. More than ever do they try and replicate the thrill of those primal garage recordings right from the beginning ushered in by bands like The Wailers or The Stones.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Higher State New 45 on State Records

Like the proverbial prodigal son, The Higher State return to State Records after an absence of almost six years (the group gave the label its inaugural release – the now long-out-of-print ‘And In Time’ 7”) and they're back with a vengeance!! These two new sides burn with an intensity that’s so often absent from today's spineless rehashes, offering a cavalcade of cluster and stomp straight outta the West Coast, circa ’66.

The Higher State’s purist ’60s punk obsessed lineage reaches right back to the early ’90s when as members of The Mystreated Marty and Mole toured all over the world, released five albums and recorded sessions for BBC Radio 1. Eight years into their latter day career as The Higher State alongside a relatively steady roster of players – including garage teen legend Paul Messis on bass and the superb guitarist and harmony vocalist Dan Shaw – the band continue to impress with their dynamic songwriting and edge. Call it garage-punk, call it folk-rock, call it psychedelic, call it what you want; stuff it into the nearest and most convenient pigeonhole you can find; box it, label it, file it away, but first… LISTEN.

Whilst fads come and go The Higher State stick with their key inspiration of mid-60s West Coast folk-rock, garage-punk and the golden greats Love, The Byrds and The 13th Floor Elevators. If they weren’t so bloody good you could call it a pastiche or homage to a bygone era, but their songs are their own, their musical quirks distinct to themselves. Anyway, all high-falluting indie bands and artists today reference something. Nothing’s new. It’s just that so much that gets regurgitated in the face of fashion just ain’t that good.

Although ‘Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy)’s’ title may sound more like a Crass song, it’s actually reminiscent of the California sound circa Surrealistic Pillow where fuzz, jangle and melody live in perfect harmony. ‘All Ties That Bind’ opens with a ringing guitar line right from the Stones’ ‘Last Time’ before the song moves into a spiritual cautionary tale of not playing it by the rules whilst the musical passages throw in both post-surf guitar parts and jangly folk-rock joy… and it’s all over in little more than a minute and a half.

As psychedelia looks set to be the biggest thing this summer let The Higher State wash over you. These ain’t no new young white hopes or pretenders, it’s the real deal. As the minions move onto something new I assure you the State will continue to develop and further their take on the genre. If a fan of old, you know them. If getting “turned on” for the first time you need them.

Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy)

Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy) / All Ties That Bind
State Records / Sandgate Sound Acetate
70g vinyl single
Release Date: 22nd July 2013

Attic Lights' second album, produced by Teenage Fanclub's Francis Macdonald due June 2013

Attic Lights were one of the biggest surprise hits of 2008 after debut album Friday Night Lights appeared on Island Records to rapturous applause. The Guardian described it as “Chiming 12-string perfection”, the NME claimed how Attic Lights “comes on like The Eagles lassoing Fountains Of Wayne to The Beach Boys” and Artrocker classified Friday Night Lights as “one of the finest guitar pop albums this year.” The Fly called it “spellbinding” whilst Uncut noted how it was “truly infectious”. Q could barely contain themselves when mentioning the “sumptuous harmonies”. Tastemakers Mojo exclaimed, “These lads really knock together a perfect tune.” Further high praise followed. The future looked bright until Attic Lights received a similarly sunny into rainy forecast as Montrose Avenue had a number of years before – that is: being highly touted and then dropped.

If the major label success was not to continue a slightly modified Attic Lights signed with Elefant records in 2012 and released the Say You Love Me EP. The four songs lovingly melded indie pop with everyone from Big Star to sunshine pop ’60s legends Harper’s Bizzare and The Cyrkle. “Since our previous single in 2009 we've changed labels, lost one guitarist, gained another, written countless new songs and recorded our second album,” states vocalist and guitarist Kev Sherry matter-of-factly. “I guess, if anything else has changed, as songwriters we feel we've got better at our craft and that we have come in to our own a little bit more and shaken off our early influences to develop a more unique sound.”

On Super De Luxe (produced by Teenage Fanclub’s Francis Macdonald) the band take the cleanest pop to even higher levels whilst adding new flavours along the way. Named after the very same jukebox brand that guitarist Tim Davidson has at home, the album itself serves up short, sharp doses of pop nirvana akin to a dream 45 collection. “We were all massive fans of Weezer and The Lemonheads growing up so that has really driven our desire for catchy melodies mixed with loud guitars,” says Kevin of things that have inspired this new outing. “The Beach Boys and Beatles/Paul McCartney are of course key but we have also recently been listening to a lot of classic soul, Motown and disco, which you can hear in tracks like ‘Future Bound’ and ‘Stay Before You Leave’ while there's also a touch of anthemic rock thanks to some Bruce Springsteen and Death Cab For Cutie.” ‘Say You Love Me’ (the album’s opening track) really is solid proof of the band’s perfect pop sensibilities; reminiscent of Camera Obscura yet more wide-eyed and innocent with a ’50s bobbysox feel about it, ‘Mona Lisa’ has an unforgettable chorus in the same school as The Cars and Red Kross and ‘Don’t You’ has something of an early ’90s buzzsaw guitar stylistic and the kind of soaring to-die-for harmonies that may well draw Teenage Fanclub and Fountains Of Wayne comparisons. “Orbison” , the aptly named tribute to Roy Orbison, has a classy foot to the floor mid-70s powerpop vibe, somewhere between a burning Elvis Costello and a red hot Raspberries, pushing the euphoria up to unknown levels. Album closer ‘Gabrielle’ is majestic, proving the Scottish band’s ability to sound tremendously contemporary and also show their love for circa 1970 Paul McCartney. It’s as if Elliott Smith is still with us.

It’s been four years since Attic Lights breakthrough yet they still maintain that very same timeless Scottish pop sensibility in an era of One Dimension, synth pop and so on. “The musical landscape is such a vast canvas these days and in general people seem to be listening to ever wider types of music,” says Kevin. “I don't think it's the same as 10 years ago when you would find exclusive little musical tribes. Nowadays the kinda thing we do sits alongside everything else...” But clearly chiming guitars will always have a place whatever the weather, won’t they? Even in cloudy Glasgow. “It’s a strange thing that coming from such a grey, rainy country so many bands are drawn towards sunshine harmony indie rock. I don't really know why it's so popular in Scotland,” laughs Kevin, “other than maybe it's the best escape from the appalling weather. And obviously we all are influenced by our local heroes so bands like Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Sebastian showed that there is an area of music there worth exploring.”

From big label money to hip Spanish indie pop mecca Attic Lights are certainly continuing to explore the possibilities of sunshine driven chiming pop and in doing so it almost sounds as if they could appeal to that whole landscape: the 10-year-old girls that follow today’s sanitized pop, daytime Radio 2 listeners and of course the gently beard stroking fans of Big Star. A light shineth!

Super De Luxe
LP (blue vinyl) / CD / Download
ER-1177LP / ER-1177
Release Date: June 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DM3 Live!

DM3 are preparing for some dates at the end of May and into June. These will take place in their hometown Perth and also Italy France and Spain. To coincide with these dates they have released a limited edition live CD of their Roskilde Festival (Denmark) 1994 appearance. They will be selling the new CD at shows otherwise you can get a copy via Citadel Mailorder. At $10.00 + p&h a copy it's a bargain.

Tour Dates

May 30th: Northbridge (Mustang Bar)
May 31st: Perth (Devilles Pad)
June 1st: Fremantle (Clancy's Fish Pub)
June 2nd: Fremantle (Newport Hotel)

June 5th: Torino (Maglio Cocktail Bar)
June 6th: Rivoli (Maison Musique)
June 7th: Cesena (Sidro Live Club)
June 8th: Trento (Ciclamino Beat Festival)
June 9th: Verbania (La Loggia Del Leopardo)
June 10th: Milano (Cantu - 1 e 35 Circa)
June 11th: Condove (Tromp Cafe)

June 13th: Paris (Le Gibus - with Guitar Wolf)

June 15th: Andoain (Andoaingo Rock Jaialdia Festival)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Win the new Telstar Sound Drone LP

Here’s your chance to win the new Telstar Sound Drone LP as well as test press, their debut 7” and TSD t-shirts. All you have to do is answer the following question: What year did Telstar Sound Drone play at the Roskilde Festival? Send your answer to badafro (@) to enter the competition. Deadline is June 1st.

1st prize: Telstar Sound Drone LP, LP test press (3 copies made), Mirror Pieces 7” and t-shirt
2nd prize: Telstar Sound Drone LP, Mirror Pieces 7” and t-shirt

The Telstar Sound Drone will release their debut album on Bad Afro June 3rd. The album is called Comedown and will be released as LP (first 500 copies includes a free CD of the entire album) and download. Expect feedback-ridden psychedelic rock as well as slow heavy psych.

The Telstar Sound Drone line-up is: Sean Jardenbæk (Vocals, Guitar), Mads Saaby (Guitar) and Hans Beck (Drums).

Guest musicians on Comedown: Hobbitten (Guitar/Spids Nøgenhat), Christian Norup (Bass/x-Highway Child) and Kåre Joensen (Bass/Baby Woodrose)

Bad Afro Records
Fensmarkgade 36, st th
2200 Copenhagen N

Monday, May 13, 2013

BIG STAR The Story Of Rock's Forgotten Band

Although Big Star were together for less than four years and had little commercial success, the influence of their three original albums – #1 Record, Radio City, and Third – continues to grow. Big Star bucked all the musical trends of the ’70s. In an era of glam and prog rock they wrote catchy, radio-friendly power-pop tunes that remain influential today. Artists as diverse as Primal Scream, R.E.M., The Bangles, The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Jeff Buckley, and Wilco have spoken about the Big Star legacy.

In the decade since the original version of this book was published, Big Star have made a belated fourth album, In Space, and released an acclaimed four-disc retrospective, Keep An Eye On The Sky. The band have also lost two original members, an influential producer, and the photographer of their iconic logo. But interest in the group is as high as ever in the 21st century, with new bands such as Yo La Tengo and Hot Chip – and even pop superstar Katy Perry – carrying the flame.

Now fully updated, and drawing on firsthand interviews with the band, family members, friends, and the major players at Ardent Records, this is the definitive history of rock’s forgotten band.

Rob Jovanovic is the author of numerous books on such diverse subjects as Pavement and Kate Bush, Beck and George Michael, R.E.M. and The Kinks. His books have been published in ten countries and in nine different languages. He is also a contributor to magazines including Mojo and Uncut. He lives just outside Nottingham with his wife and two young children.

The Big Star movie Nothing Can Hurt Me is screening this summer and the accompanying soundtrack featuring alternate mixes is available on Omnivore. Jawbone's superb book will arrive at just the right time when the music of Alex, Jody, Andy and Chris will once again ring out.

The Big Star movie Nothing Can Hurt Me is screening this summer and the accompanying soundtrack featuring alternate mixes is available on Omnivore. Jawbone's superb book will arrive at just the right time when the music of Alec, Jody, Andy and Chris will once again ring out. 

The Story Of Rock's Forgotten Band
ISBN: 978-1-908279-36-1
Pictures: 20 b&w
US Price: $19.95
UK Price: £14.95
Pub Date: June 20th 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Solicitors: Made To Measure

This June sees the release of the stomping debut ep 'Made To Measure' from Melbourne pop-group 'The Solicitors'.

Made up of laconic guitars, off-kilter arrangements, jumbo hooks and sagacious lyrics, The Solicitors sound is akin to great bastions of the New-Wave scene from yesteryear. Influences ranging from XTC, Elvis Costello, Talking Heads and The Knack.

Their first recording on Popboomerang (the Stiff Records of Australia) 'Made To Measure' pulls no punches, 5 tracks of good old-fashioned rock 'n roll to dance and drink and make out to.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Cleaners From Venus Volume 2 Due the week of May 13th!

 The 4CD "Volume 2" collection covers the the three year period between 1983 and 1985 for the Martin Newell-led, Brit Lo-fi combo, who are now being described as "D.I.Y Beatles." While the rest of the 1980's rock world had immersed itself in epic and often empty gestures, the Cleaners concentrated on neat little lo-fi pop songs of a quality and standard which, as one critic later noted: “Pop music elsewhere had pretty much forgotten.” By now, one of the band’s founder members, Lawrence Elliott had left the band. Its chief songwriter, Martin Newell, like the captain of a strange pirate ship took charge, and Cleaners from Venus went sailing… Here within this second fractured pop feast, are three remastered albums by The Cleaners ("In The Golden Autumn", "Under Wartime Conditions", and "Songs For A Fallow Land") – as well as a fourth one, containing not only the usual rarities, but also previously unreleased tracks and a few genuine treasures. The Cleaners had a back story, too. Included here are some of its fragments. Even today the chief question asked about the Cleaners from Venus is why they weren’t huge at the time. The answer to that is that Martin Newell believed that if they involved the music business in their work, the music might be spoiled. They therefore never bothered approaching a record company. For most of their existence, in fact, they didn’t even have a telephone. The Cleaners weren’t so much independent, as genuinely feral.


Simply go to



Friday, May 3, 2013

The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man b/w Problems

The sophomore single on 'Market Square' is a wonderful release by Virginia based folk-rockers The Young Sinclairs, this 7" single is strictly limited to 300 copies only and each will be individually hand-numbered.

The Young Sinclairs' newest 7" offering here on Market Square Records (based outta West Sussex UK) is a double-sided jangle fest with layers of vocal harmony, bringing to the listener a strange yet familiar echoing of bands from yesteryear, groups such as The Byrds, The Who, Powder and Big Star, to name but a few. Samuel J Lunsford, creative leader of The Young Sinclairs combines his influences well and creates something solely his own, unique to himself as a songwriter and hopefully to you the listener as well.

The top-side 'Engineer Man' hits first with perfect power-pop precision, pitch-perfect harmonies and a steady driving-beat throughout, the flip hosts the melancholic 'Problems' which sends us into all too familiar terrain when someone we love, gets up and goes... The sentiment endorsed further by fantastic usage of chiming 12 string guitar and melody-lines straight outta the Brian Wilson songbook.

Be sure to grab this great 45 fast, it's a killer.

Engineer Man (Final Stereo Mix)

Check this out on Facebook.
Recorded at Magic Twig Studios - Feb/March 2013. RELEASED 10TH JUNE 2013.

Available at (on release date)
PLUS... numerous outlets worldwide and of course via the band themselves.

Bronco Bullfrog return with a brilliant single on State Records

Bronco Bullfrog issued a pile of great records across the early part of the century (that’s this one!!!), wowed small crowds in the UK and did amazingly well in Spain. Those who heard and saw ’em fell passionately in love with their “technicolour pop” sound. But it’s all a long time ago now, with their last album seeing the light of day in 2004 and a compilation appearing slightly later on the prestigious Rev-Ola label. So what happened? “Basically, we broke-up,” says bassist Louis Comfort-Wiggett. “Not split-up like Led Zeppelin, but broke-up, like love that went off the boil (only ours was a love triangle from the outset). We didn’t divvy up the books and records, so effectively left our options open for reconciliation. That reconciliation came around two years ago, and since then we’ve been hanging out and writing new material.” What makes Bronco Bullfrog so special and endearing is that both then and now they have never been, or had the slightest inkling to be, fashionable. All obsessive record collectors and pop music fanatics, the trio of Mike Poulson (vocals/guitar), Louis Comfort-Wiggett (bass/vocals) and Andy Morten (drums/vocals) avoid obvious genre mimicking or being a part of any movement. This isn’t Mark E Smith anti-fashion or deconstructionism, but it’s not wear your influences on your sleeve plagiarism either. What the Broncos do so well is to take their inspirations and aspirations and play them hard and with abandon. “ ‘Never Been To California’,” Andy explains, “was conceived in the midst of an obsession with '60s sunshine-pop acts like The Fun & Games and The Gordian Knot but came out sounding like The Jam after a 12-hour yoga marathon. Again.” Not getting it quite right is what has always made Bronco Bullfrog unique. In fact, they’re the only band that can actually sound like The Jam in full broken vowel flight AND The Bee Gees at their balladeering best in the same song.


Clarifoil / Never Been To California
State Records / Sandgate Sound Acetate
70g vinyl single
Release Date:  22nd July 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

ZERO HOUR RECORDS 5 day PROMO - Ends 25th April

Zero Hour Records has just dug up Beat Tribute CDs that they never knew they had, good news for us!

Buy The Records Tribute and get The Beat Tribute plus a Records Badge too for just  $16.95 PP World-Wide. Just use the Records link and add 'BEAT PROMO' in the message at checkout.  Tell your friends too!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The CRY! Announces West Coast Tour Date with Paul Collins Beat

Portland Power Poppers “The CRY!” have announced dates for their upcoming West Coast Tour. The schedule includes a series of shows with legendary Power Pop icon The Paul Collins Beat.

The CRY!/Collins connection started last summer when Paul went to see The CRY! at Bowery Electric in NYC. Impressed, Paul went to see the band the next night as well. Since then, the two bands have been looking for opportunities to do some dates together. That opportunity is here!

The CRY!, currently #1 on The Reverbnation US punk/power pop charts, is touring in support of their debut LP (The CRY!) and the recent 7” release of
“Discotheque” and “TCP” (The Boys/cover) on Mooster Records.

Originally released in Japan and Germany in 2012, “The CRY!” LP gained international attention including dozens of stunning reviews and positive mentions in Maximum Rock & Roll(print version), IAE, and Rolling Stone magazines!

In March 2013 The CRY! earned even more international attention when Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer selected them to help celebrate the 10year anniversary of The Exploding Hearts “Guitar Romantic” LP by performing/recording "Thorns And Roses" and “Modern Kicks”.

The CRY! is currently finishing production on their high anticipated sophomore effort. So far the band has only given fans a few sneak peeks at the new material. New LP tracks will include “Seventeen” and “Dangerous Game”.

Telstar Sound Drone - Satellited

Telstar Sound Drone will release their debut album on Bad Afro May 27th. The album is called Comedown and will be released as LP and download. Expect feedback-ridden psychedelic rock as well as slow heavy psych.

The Telstar Sound Drone formed in 2007 when Hans Beck convinced Mads Saaby to join him in a project called Les Aprés L’amour Sonnes, an artist collective working with media such as sound and video. The first project was to add sound to old educational movies, playing along with the projections. With the addition of Sean Jardenbæk the project turned into a band and settled with the name The Telstar Sound Drone.

The band recorded a self-titled EP that led to a show at Roskilde Festival in 2009. After that The Telstar Sound Drone took a break while internal problems almost destroyed the band. At one point Hans Beck was the only member of the band playing all the instruments. The problems were solved and in spring 2011 they released the Mirror Pieces 7” on Bad Afro.

It has taken some time for the band to finally get Comedown finished which is also due to fact that Hans Beck and Mads Saaby also play in Baby Woodrose and have been touring Europe a lot for the past couple of years.

The Telstar Sound Drone line-up is: Sean Jardenbæk (Vocals, Guitar), Mads Saaby (Guitar) and Hans Beck (Drums).

TSD web & facebook

Bad Afro Records
Fensmarkgade 36, st th
2200 Copenhagen N

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Wicked Whispers - Voodoo Moon

Since The Wicked Whispers and Electone debut 10” in 2011 exploded into the latest indie releases from seemingly nowhere, immediately picking up airplay from 6Music and achieving veritable reviews in the monthly glossy music rags way before the late 2012 renaissance of the music, the band have rolled and gathered no moss. After gaining fans across Europe and America and packing in some high profile gigs along the way the young Liverpudlian quintet returned with the harder hitting ‘Dandelion Eyes’ (recorded at London’s famed Toe Rag Studios – The White Stripes, The Zutons, Supergrass, Tame Impala) with Michael Murphy’s plaintive warbling vocals packing Country Joe, Grace Slick and the whole San Franciscan vibe into three delightful minutes. New seven inch ‘Voodoo Moon’ features another track from that famed Toe Rag session based on Murphy’s enchantment with the forever-beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn. Softer in tone than its predecessor the singer’s shimmering, yearning vocal and a piping Farfisa create a romantic psychedelic pop sound that could have quite easily been made by a late ’60s New England Ivy League school band in thrall with The Zombies and Donovan. The equally strong flipside ‘Nightbird’ (which features ex Zutons’ guitarist Paul Molloy and Austin Murphy on saxophone and flute) has something of the early Doors and Seeds about it. More garage but just as tuneful – and the guitar stuns!

The Wicked Whispers yet again grasp the melodies, lyrics and superb song structures of all those great “old bands” yet play with the vitality and youthfulness that is winning over today’s audiences.

Third time’s the charm. Let ‘Voodoo Moon’ shine on you.

Ian Skelly

Cat. No: ELEC003
Format: Limited Edition Single / Download
Release Date: 22nd April 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heavy Psych Sounds present APE SKULL

Let’s forget stoner…. It’s so 1990s! C’mon let’s get over that rather contemporary metallic retread of classic Sabs riffs by guys in baggy shorts with shaved heads! There’s no need to reinvent the source material when it’s so good.

Rolling back four or so years before Brit rock and its US cousins had slowed riffs down to a doomy level Eric, Jack and Ginger, Peter Green and one Jimi Hendrix had taken the mantle and done something of their own with their beloved blues. That spirit spread around the world and inspired bands like Blue Cheer, The Damnation Of Adam Blessing, Jerusalem, Dust and a whole host of long haired lads and lasses that combined acid-rock with blues, country-rock, soul and funky grooves to create the heavy and hard-rock scenes. Its influence has never passed, but it’s often mutated in unpleasant ways that must sicken the forefathers. Italy’s Ape Skull certainly won’t be offending anybody who can remember sitting cross-legged at hashish infused open-air festivals across the late ’60s.

Just as the old bands came to rock from humble beginning (starting in beat, blues and garage bands) Ape Skull’s roots lie in the late ’90s psychedelic and freakbeat scene – Giulianio Padroni (drums) and Fulvio Cartacci (guitar) played in the superb The Victorians, who graced the stages of mod and ’60s events all across Europe. Unlike many new bands who have come from metal and turned the clocks back to ’73 Ape Skull have worked forward; a far more apt path to follow. The same root that led to Cream and Led Zep!

In covering the heavy psych groove of the dancefloor classic ‘I’ve Got No Time’ (by little known German act Orange Peel) Ape Skull tie their colours to the mast, knowing that in certain circles this will mean something. ‘Time In Wind’ sees them in a more American mode recalling the softer moments of Blue Cheer, Kak or even British soulful rockers Free. Across the entire album they shift tempo and motifs, never stuck on that one same gloomy chord progression!

The “Classic Rock” brigade will go ape for this band, but then so will Black Keys followers, ’60s psych fans and everybody in between. It really is that good.

Listen up and make sure you get wind of Ape Skull. It’s certainly the best rock album you’ll hear this year.

'So Deep' from the album "Apeskull"

Formats: LP / CD / Download

Release Date: June 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paul Messis - Case Closed

Case Closed is the second album by underground singer - songwriting sensation Paul Messis; following the tradition of Messis' earlier works this fierier and janglier follow-up confirms his place in the arena of garage-punk legend.

After a slew of 45rpm singles and the critically acclaimed debut album this new release continues where Paul's first left off, giving the listener an exceptional slice of reality and a deep insight into the thoughts of a youngster from today using cleverly written prose-like lyrical meanderings and existential themes. In essence Case Closed is an outsider album—outsiders usually pinpoint society's faults with little effort whatsoever, the same applies in regards to Messis and the album you're reading about. It’s also a rip-roaring pop album that picks up the energy of the early Brit Invasion and the leagues of both disenfranchised and invigorated teen combos that aspired, if not always having the tuneful ability, to be the next Beatles or Byrds.

Messis, however, does not sound old, tired or retrogressive. His production methods and chord changes may recall Back From The Grave, The Wylde Mammoths, the C86 lo-fi jangle movement and so on, but his songs, attitude and pissed-off, sad outlook are the real deal. More punk than anything else out there, more introspective than any glossy Emo or downer folk band and as good as anyone schooled in three-chord pop song craft.

The album travels through the sounds of savage garage punker, gentle jangling folk-rock and melancholic ballads, giving the listener a wholesome and varied experience.

Billy Childish may have once said, “Simple music for simple people”. Well, it’s somewhat changed now. “Simple music for people that think”. Like the young Dylan, Messis is defiant and has a lot to say.

Case Closed
State Records
180g Vinyl LP
Release Date: June 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Records - Starry Eyed (Shipping 1st April) from Zero Hour

Finally in production. This tribute gathers a host of bands and artists from around the world to pay tribute to one of the finest power pop bands. Featuring: Bill Lloyd, Off Broadway, Dan Sarka & The Moistness, Donovans Brain (Bobby Sutliff/Dennis Tek), Steven Deal, Devin Hill, The Split Squad, Lannie Flowers, Zombie Western Baby, Mike Dees, The Injured Parties, The Mold Monkies, The Bottle Kids, Vex and The Vextones, Words, The World Record, The Popdogs, Undecided By Default, The Cheeks and The Broken Rekkids.

PRE ORDER now from Zero Hour Records for only $16.95 Post Paid World-Wide. (PRE ORDERS GET A BONUS GIFT). This Item will ship1st April 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Secret Friend release their music video for Killing Time

Secret Friend today has released their 2nd music video from their debut album "Time Machine". The live-action and animated "Killing Time" video was shot in Northampton, England by London-based director Stephen Smith.

This video brings to life the dark comedy of the lyrics of "Killing Time", and carefully straddles a fine line between being gruesome and hilarious. According to songwriter Steven Fox, the lyrics were initially just an exercise, "I wanted to try to write a song using strictly conversational tone -- no rhymes or metaphors or other poetic flourishes, yet still maintaining the underlying meter and rhyme of the song, albeit disguised. The lyric can be spoken aloud without giving away the fact that it is from a song." He added, "I can’t recall how I came up with the subject matter, but rest assured, it is pure fiction."

"Killing Time" features Willie Wisely on lead vocals, supported by Kelly Jones on background vocals, Linus of Hollywood on guitars and Roger Manning Jr. on keyboards.

"Killing Time" is from Secret Friend’s debut album “Time Machine”, available on CD at, plus iTunes and all the other major online services. Recorded last year in Los Angeles California, "Time Machine" is the unique pairing of Australian songwriter Steven Fox with acclaimed American producer Linus of Hollywood. The result is a collection of 12 exceptionally crafted and original pop songs, which has received rave reviews from around the world since its release in January.

Official website:
Time Machine Album Video Sampler:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Zero Hour Records needs to move some stock for some new releases. What you get in this bundle is the 2 x Loaded Dice CDs, the CHOPPER reissue CD and a mystery classic Australian power pop album that won't dissapoint.

more info at

Monday, February 25, 2013

Scott Morgan's "Three Chords and A Cloud of Dust"

As many of you know, our friend Scott Morgan was diagnosed with severe liver disease and ascites over a year ago and is still in recovery. To help alleviate his healthcare costs, Easy Action Records is releasing a 3CD box set titled 'Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust', featuring 62 songs Scott has recorded between 1965 - 2010 with his bands The Rationals, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, The Hydromatics, Powertrane, The Solution, etc. as well as solo material.

You can pre-order it here

For more info and news about Scott, please visit

Listen to the new Baby Woodrose single “Light up your Mind”

On April 1st Baby Woodrose will release a new 7” containing two exclusive songs originally recorded to be included on the Third Eye Surgery album from 2012. But the songs did not fit in, not because of the quality of the songs but the mood of the songs was just too different compared to the final album. Light up your Mind is an uplifting song about regaining strength while the flipside Bubblegum is a tight Kinks-type rocker.

Light up your Mind is dedicated to the memory of Ralph A. Rjeily. Lorenzo Woodrose wrote on his website: “Ralph was my friend, technician, producer, booker, soundman, tourmanager and travelling companion since 1996. He died last year after a yearlong battle against cancer. I miss him.”

Listen to Light Up Your Mind here

Baby Woodrose will be touring in Europe from end of March to the beginning of May.

26.03.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Torino, United Club (IT)
27.03.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Trento, C.S.O.A Bruno (IT)
28.03.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Savignano sul Rubicone, Sidro (IT)
29.03.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Brescia, Latte + (IT)
30.03.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Rosá, Vinile (IT)
31.03.2013 – Baby Woodrose – La Spezia, Skaletta Rock Club (IT)
06.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose + The Setting Son – Copenhagen, Loppen (DK)
08.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Hamburg, Molotow (DE)
09.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Düsseldorf, Pitcher (DE)
10.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Paris, Les Combustibles (FR)
11.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Leuven, Sojo (BE)
12.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Würzburg, Cafe Cairo (DE)
13.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose – Lübeck, Treibsand (DE)
30.04.2013 – Baby Woodrose + Kadavar – Barcelona, Razzmatazz 3 (ES)
01.05.2013 – Baby Woodrose + Kadavar – Zaragoza, Rockinhouse (ES)
02.05.2013 – Baby Woodrose + Kadavar – Madrid, El Sol (ES)
03.05.2013 – Baby Woodrose + Kadavar – Gijon, Acapulco Centro (ES)
04.05.2013 – Baby Woodrose + Kadavar – San Sebastian, Cultural Larratxo (ES)

Bad Afro Records
Fensmarkgade 36
2200 Copenhagen N

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock

Andrew Curry really has something going here!  Go check out the new Kickstarter campaign for Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock. They have THIRTY days to make the magic happen so after you've had a look, go to the Kickstarter page and get it. Also tell your friends about what it, they will be glad you did!. Share the link, and share the wealth!  Thanks to all of you in advance for helping us make this dream a reality!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Dolly Rocker Movement – Your Side of Town 7”

It has been a little quiet around the Australian band The Dolly Rocker Movement since they released their third album Our Days Mind the Tyme in 2010. Main man Daniel J. Poulter moved to the US for a while and when he returned to Australia he started a new band called Kill City Creeps.

But Poulter has not completely forgotten about The Dolly Rocker Movement which is why Bad Afro is proud to present a brand new 7” EP. The title track is a slightly melancholic psych pop song with vibrant guitar licks and cool organs while Silently We Sung has a more quirky beat miles away from the usual garage thang.

The 7” single is featuring a bonus track compared to the download version in shape of “Girl of the 13th hour”, a cover of the obscure Texas garage band Chaz and the Classics from 1967.

Artist: The Dolly Rocker Movement
Titel: Your Side of Town
Format: 7”/Download
Barcode: 5709498209975
Cataloug number: BARINT003
Release: 01.04.2013
Label: Bad Afro Records –

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Market Squares - Afternoon Tide b/w Inside My Mind

The Market Squares, is a one-off side project featuring UK based singer-songwriter Paul Messis alongside Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith (both from Nashville group The Sufis), recorded over a few hours during the Summer of 2012, Afternoon Tide and it's b-side are pretty much the most crudest psych cut's you'll hear all year.

Released on February 4th 2013, the 45 will be limited to just 300 copies housed in a cool pic sleeve, each copy is hand-numbered and will be released on Messis' own label 'Market Square Records'.  You can get a copy on Paul's Bandcamp or at Kool Kat

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The PPO 2012 Top Ten

Every year I think about the great music that has been presented to us and I find it difficult to come up with just 10!!

So many talented artists and groups, It is hard to make a decision! I am basing my list on the fact that most of these discs were in heavy rotation at home, work and in my car.
Well, here you are... Sorry it took so damn long!

10) The Well Wishers - Dreaming of the West Coast - Based on a solid foundation of melody, songcraft, and the ever important "musical hook", the Well Wishers' deliver a warm, full-bodied sound and engaging take on the typical power pop formula. In addition to five full studio albums,

9) Jeremy - Love Explosion - You can call him Mr. Consistency. Jeremy (Morris) is a lot like Steely Dan. Not in music style, but in terms of consistency and having a pretty good idea of what you can expect to get with each release. And you know, that can be a good thing indeed. Think in terms of high-end musical "comfort food" and you should get a real good idea of what we're getting at.

8) Fay Hallam & The Bongolian - ‘Lost In Sound’ the very first collaboration between Fay Hallam (Makin’ Time, The Prime Movers, Phaze) and Blow Up Records’ The Bongolian. Both share a serious passion for 60’s Hammond Beat and Soul. A variety of styles are covered here: Bossa Nova, heavier 70's grooves and a strong Northern Soul influence.  Not just a rehash of old grooves, Lost In Sound mixes in a good amount of the new with the old.  Always good to hear. Get ready to get Lost In Sound . . .

7) Shoes - Ignition - Self-produced and released on the band’s own Black Vinyl Records, The Shoes have gathered the remnants of their former band, and produced a first class album. Inspired by late 70’s Power Pop, Ignition is loaded with jangly riffs and hook-packed pop vocals. The Shoes craft great pop music that hits you from the first note to the very last.

6) Seven Long Years - Chained To Your Love - The opening moments of "Don’t Break My Heart In Ink" make it very clear that Seven Long Years, the first solo project of Eric Knoxx  , is a Psychedelic/Dream Pop explosion . Layers of sound are stacked one by one until the songs are so full they have nowhere to go but outward in all directions. It's percussive, but pleasingly melodic cover to cover. It's not "all-sound-all-the-time", though. Song writer Eric Knoxx does however leave a little breathing room throughout the entire album, which is good. You'll need to catch your breath.

5) Marty Graveyard - Summer Holiday - The Madd's former drummer /songwriter gave us his first solo album, Summer Holiday on V2 Records ! Filled with relentlessly catchy vocals and hook-laden guitar power pop, this album deserves some many repeated listens! It’s a great pop album which doesn’t get boring, or overcomplicated. There’s loads of fun to be had with this one.

4) Paul Bertolino - Where The Buildings Hit The Sky - Presenting 11 tracks from Brooklyn's finest "unknown" artist! Paul Bertolino, the talent behind the curtain, intermingles psychedelic pop, classic production and some well placed baroque melodies into an appealing blend of Beatles meet Burt Bacharach, constructing a most enjoyable album. Another winner from Paul! As if we expected less.

3) The Trashed Romeos-Where Dreamers Never Go - The Trashed Romeos, led by Greg Roberson (Tiger High, Reigning Sound, Arthur Lee’s Love, Compulsive Gamblers), hail from the very epicenter of rock- n -roll, Memphis, Tn. Roberson has a pretty straight forward mission with his bands debut record Where Dreamers Never Go, to pay homage to his late friend Jim Dickinson (Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Big Star, The Replacements, Ry Cooder) and to focus attention on some of his hometown heroes and the obscure psychedelic garage rock 45’s they released in the mid 6o’s.  

2) The DomNicks - Super real - Their debut album Super Real marks a coming of age for The DomNicks. Forged by Perth based Dom Mariani and Nick Sheppard, the band is a powerful blend of swagger 'n' roll rock, soul and pop smarts. Among the 12 tracks you'll find the Exile era Stones' sound of Reconcile, the brazen brass and swing of Let's Go Baby, soul flavours in I Wonder What You're Doin' Now, the straight ahead rollicking of Miracle and tantalising twists and turns of the electric sitar driven Winter. It's bound to cause the head and heart to shake.

1) Kurt Baker - Brand New Beat - This is what a Power Pop Album should sound like! Part time librarian and full time Ass Kicking Power Popster Kurt Baker  has bestowed upon us an unquestionable pearl of Power Pop goodness. Baker and band does not disappoint on their sophomore release. 10 addictive songs, each better than the last, it is difficult to put this album down, even more difficult to wipe the smile off your face when you are finished listening to it. Thank you Kurt Baker!

The PPO Top Ten Power Pop Albums of 2012/rs
The PPO Top Ten Power Pop Albums of 2012/zs

1. Escape the Light / The Well Wishers
2. Gotta Find A New Love / The Trashed Romeos
3. Don't Break my Heart in Ink / 7 Long Years
4. Do You Really Wanna Dance / Marty Graveyard
5. Where the Buildings Hit the Sky / Paul Bertolino
6. Freefall / Fay Hallam & The Bongolian
7. The Joke's On You / Shoes 3:05
8. I Wonder What You're Doin' Now / The DomNicks
9. Rise Above The Clouds / Jeremy
10. Don't Go Falling in Love / Kurt Baker
11. Black Eyed Girl / The DomNicks
12. Lost In Sound / Fay Hallam & The Bongolian
13. See Me Now / Paul Bertolino
14. Honoree / The Well Wishers
15. Stop What You're Doin' / 7 Long Years
16. Weekend Girls / Kurt Baker
17. Working Man / Marty Graveyard
18. I Thought You Knew / Shoes
19. My Way Of Thinking / The Trashed Romeos
20. Not Of This World / Jeremy


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