Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OFFICIAL 50th Anniversary Recording of “LOUIE LOUIE” released for FREE

Few songs have impacted the generations of rockers like the “Louie Louie.” The song has sold millions of copies, been covered by nearly every bar band and released by dozens of major recording artists. No version, however, has been quite as popular and time-tested as The Kingsmen’s classic 1963 rendition.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Kingsmen releasing their classic version of this American rock standard. On Sunday September 29th, Original Kingsmen lead guitarist MIKE MITCHELL went back into the studio to re-record his famous lead guitar solo with one of todays most energetic and talented young bands, “The CRY!” The results are EPIC!

Of course, like the original, the track was recorded in Portland, Oregon (this time at Fetish Pop Studios) and features Mike’s epic lead solo. Joining Mike on Guitar is The CRY!’s Brian Crace. The two pickers immediately found chemistry and (true to the garage genre) only took three takes to get the final leads tracked. The CRY! front man Ray Nelsen’s punky lead vocal style fits perfectly (and we can actually understand the lyrics!) Bassist Dave Berkham and drummer Kurt Lavon deliver the goods filling out the rhythm section and backing vocals.

In celebration of this song (and a half century of togas, beer and frat parties) Mike is joining The CRY! in releasing this OFICIAL 50th ANNIVERSARY VERSION for FREE DOWNLOAD. .


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