Monday, October 27, 2008

V/A - Pop Under The Surface Volume 4 - 2001

As he did on the previous three volumes of Pop Under the Surface, Stefan Johansson -- of Sweden's Yesterday Girl Records -- compiled Pop Under the Surface: Vol. 4, which features 24 pop groups and artists on one the better collections in the entire series. New Jersey's Evelyn Forever, the Sid Griffin-led Western Electric, Eytan Mirsky, Brian Wilson-sideman Jeffrey Foskett, and L.A.'s Cockeyed Ghost (led by Adam Marsland) provide some of the highlights on this disc. This time around, the series was released via Zip Records. As with the first three volumes, many of the tracks on Pop Under The Surface: Vol. 4 -- which comes with a 28-page booklet with information on all the artists, their discographies, and contact addresses -- were completely unavailable at the time of its release. A stellar comp. -AMG

V/A - Pop Under The Surface Volume 4 - 2001 pt1/rs
V/A - Pop Under The Surface Volume 4 - 2001 pt2/rs
V/A - Pop Under The Surface Volume 4 - 2001 pt1/sb
V/A - Pop Under The Surface Volume 4 - 2001 pt2/sb


Anonymous said...

It´s a strange feeling when you find your compilation on a blog...

This is a wonderful comp, full of strong powerpop tunes. This was fun to put together!

Anonymous said...

This IS a great comp. Unfortunately the artists aren't listed - only the song titles. Do you think you could post them? Thanks.

Curty Ray said...

1. Imagine - Evelyn Forever
2. Something in Your Eyes - Jarvis, Mike
3. I Can't Stand It - Boykin, Tim
4. Memory Captures Time - McGarvey, Pat
5. Forgive Me - Hugo
6. Radio On - Pach, Joe
7. Blinders - Sutliff, Bobby
8. Smart Enough - Mirsky, Eytan
9. Straight and Narrow - Nicholson, Mike
10. Love Letter - Oranges
11. Shakespeare - Helium Angel
12. Be There for Me - Morris, Jeremy
13. Don't Let Her Out of Your Sight - Marston, Peter
14. Happy to Be Alive - Glez
15. I Won't Be Sad Tomorrow - Glez
16. Too Surreal - Hillis, Cliff
17. Be With You - Eimerman, Herb
18. Too Late - Maragos
19. Sunliner - McDonald, Danny
20. Tell Me - Foskett, Jeffrey

Anonymous said...

Thank you


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