Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Kid - You Must Be Kidding - 2003

Big Kid is a San Diego-based quartet that specializes in classic power pop, and their seven-song debut EP is perfect for the summer. These guitar-driven songs are great for blasting in the car or on the beach, featuring hard-driving choruses and the kind of subtle hooks that make each song seem instantly familiar.The band grew out of numerous songwriting sessions between drummer Steve Clark and guitarist Damian Hagger. Both men had attended the Berklee College of Music in the mid-‘90s (yet didn’t know each other then). As the songs developed, the idea of a band to play them seemed a natural progression. Steve’s brother Doug was enlisted to play bass and Los Angeles-based vocalist Ken Stacey joined them in the studio to record the songs that would become You Must Be Kidding.While Big Kid seems to have the requisite power pop chops, hearty guitar anthems with hooks aplenty, they also seem capable of more. On two of these songs, there’s a definite stylistic tribute to the songs of Andy Sturmer and Roger Manning, Jr. “Time In A Day” and “Change Your Mind” (the only songs here written solo by Steve Clark) are impressively Jellyfish-like.You Must Be Kidding is some serious stuff. While these seven likable songs come to just a little over 23 minutes total, they present a very appetizing sampler from which to attract record label interest. Certainly, Big Kid has talent enough for someone to take a chance on them soon…maybe even you.

If you like "You Must Be Kidding" get it here!

Big Kid - You Must Be Kidding - 2003

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