Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby - 1997

Zuckerbaby got their start in the early '90s, first performing under the name Calliope. Members are lead singer/songwriter and guitarist Andy Eichhorn, bassist Brian Doss, guitarist and singer Reed Shimozawa, and drummer Wayne Stadler. In 1998, Doss left the group, and bassist Ted Koti was brought in to fill the empty spot. He was later replaced by bassist Ed Teigs. Drummer Kurt Dahle temporarily stepped in when Stadler took a short break.
The group started out performing at small gigs to gain experience and fans. Soon, Zuckerbaby was doing opening spots for major acts across much of Canada. As word of mouth spread and the band's fan base grew, the music world began to take notice. In 1996, Mercury Records signed the group to a recording contract. Zuckerbaby entered the Sundae Sound Studios and began work on their debut album, a self-titled offering that hit the market in 1997 with 12 pop/rock tracks. Three singles came from the album: "Shampoo," "Andromeda," and "Heavy." Positive reviews and music videos rotating in top spots on MuchMusic helped boost the group's popularity. A few of the other songs on the superb debut are "Venus," "Clouds," "Twice as Hard," and "Bellybutton Queen." -AMG

Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby - 1997 pt1/rs
Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby - 1997 pt2/rs
Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby - 1997 pt1/megaupload
Zuckerbaby - Zuckerbaby - 1997 pt2/megaupload

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Thanks! I was just looking for this.
Other great short-lived Canadian alt-rock bands include Limblifter, Age of Electric, Sandbox, Pluto, and more...


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