Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Featured Artists - V/A - Who Are Those Guys? Vol.1

"Who are these guys?" or "When did this come out?"
Those are two questions that I ask myself almost daily. I don't really listen to much radio (the radio stations in Chicago leave alot to be desired), but I am continually being turned to new artists either from friends or just plain ol' surfin' the web. I am constantly wondering "How did I miss this disc?" That said, I want to turn you on to some artists that I have found recently. I think you will dig this comp, and please support the bands

The Higher Elevations are a Swedish quartet on a German label, with a very British sound. Their new disc, The Protestant Work Ethic is packed with melodic & power-driven songs, with a nod to the mod revivalist/post punk sound of the late 70s. Get It!

The Birdinumnums - Andrew Chojnacki of Peachfuzz and Pam Moore of The Neptunas, Cheap Chick and Madame Pamita got together in a converted sweatshop and began playing together. Over one hot summer, they wrote and recorded 6 songs that tell of drug addled Hollywood, high school angst and unrequited love and sent them through the blender of Fountains of Wayne, The Sonics, Cheap Trick and Big Star. She Say Go is a must for your Power Pop Collection!
The Ugly Beats - If it were up to The Ugly Beats, it would be 1966 all over again. Based in Austin, they embrace the --> mid-'60s garage rock and are as close as you're likely to get to the days of teen canteens without a time machine! Their latest offering Take A Stand With... deserves to be heard!

The Reactions - Hailing from Tasmania, yes I said Tasmania, These guys have gigged with some heavy hitters including The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, The Black Keys, The Living End, The Greenhornes, Dallas Crane, Jebediah, The Hard Ons, The Drones, The Mess Hall and Rocket Science. They even got a mention in the Rolling Stone Yearbook 2004. Their second album, High Technology was released in 2008 through Off The Hip records in Melbourne.

The Mid Beats - from Leicester, Midlands, United Kingdom, TheMid Beats recorded and produced thier debut album on an 8 track tape machine using vintage techniques to achieve an authentic and real sound. Drums and percussion were recorded using just one microphone, guitars and organs using old valve amps and vocals/ harmonys recorded live together around one microphone to conserve tracks. Pick up thier latest, You Can't Complain and enjoy!

Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves - Catchy hooks and harmonies dominate Crewe’s work and give us a decidedly modern approach to New Wave. Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves have just wrapped up a UK tour supporting The Wedding Present. Their latest release Your Nearest Exit May Be Behind You is a New-wave tinged power pop album that would sound great at home , work or just sitting in traffic.

Thee Wylde Oscars - From Melbourne this quartet believes the "unfounded hypothosis that the arts of the lower strata can somehow enlighten the more evolved classes". This is primitive, lo-fi more power than pop and just pure fun music at it's finest. While currently unsigned their music is avialable for download here! Support these guys!

The Madd - Okay, take The Beatles, The Hollies, The Electric Prunes and any other band from that era and add some high-octane caffine, blend it on "11" and you got The Madd. Hailing from Rotterdam They call thier debut disc Ongeneeslijk Biet (roughly translated as Incurable Beet) because once you're infected, you'll never recover and you'll be needing more and more and more of the incredible Madd!

The Runarounds - An absolutely brilliant New Wave-influenced, anthemic, guitar dominated garage pop rock band outta Spain! The Runarounds bring to mind The Plimsouls, The Real Kids, Paul Collins' Beat, Flamin' Groovies, Teen Appeal, The Records (Chris Jent period), and The Barracudas (so there is a definite Brit slant) to name a few! Their latest release Waiting For The Hurricane features lotsa crunchy and jangly guitars and harmonies!

The Mess Makers - The Mess Makers like to play a short songs and short sets. Two members of have PHD’s, the singer has ADD. "Short attention span = short sharp cuts of angry wisdom". They write songs about crushes, lack of sleep, uncomfortable moments and having an asthma attack. Their debut album Wipe Your Face is out now on Off the Hip Records


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Nice one... I just figured out this is your own little compilation. I always want to do something like this but in the end realize there is only so many hours in the day... Thanks and great work on this blog day in an out!

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