Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Andy Stochansky - Five Star Motel - 2002

Pop troubadour Andy Stochansky aims for the heart, soul, and mind on the captivating Five Star Motel. Atmospheric, reflective, and emotionally charged, Stochansky's vocal style warrants favorable comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Bono, and Francis Healy. Via arrangements that employ seductive drum loops, Mellotrons, strings, horns, shimmering acoustic guitars, and subtle rhythms abetted by tranquil vocal harmonies, Stochansky creates a postmodern pop/rock gem steeped in introspection. The moody orchestral backdrop on "One Day" certainly owes allegiance to George Martin and Brian Wilson, and cuts including "Stutter," "Clay Pigeon," and "Mavis Said" resonate with somber beauty by way of linear melodies that melt over the backbeat. "Wonderful (It's Superman)" is the lone alternative rock anthem tossed in for good measure. Stochansky is an artist to keep an eye on and, in all probability, Five Star Motel is a record that will stand the test of time. -AMG


Anonymous said...

thanks for that. i didn't even know Andy released this album. i guess i only know him from his collaboration with Ani DiFranco.
thanks once again.

tomg said...

There's a song of this album in some soundtrack, and i had always wonder about this album (I like Ani DiFranco, specially on the nineties; i guess i heard the live album a thousand times when it came out)

tomg said...

The links are down, can you repost this one too?

Curty Ray said...





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