Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hindurodeo - Nalladaloobr - 2003

Sometimes, deep inside the tall, mysterious stack of new jewel cases that balances precariously near the edge of the reviewer’s desk, there lies a hidden gem, a musical surprise that elicits smiles on first listen and upon further examination gets the official “happy discovery” assignation. Hindurodeo’s sophomore effort, Nalladaloobr, is one such find, a fantastic 13-song collection steeped in tuneful cynicism that dares you to go ahead and love it.Hindurodeo champions the disaffected card-carrying intellectual elite of power-pop, a moniker sadly no longer even remotely connected to the term “popular”. These songs manage to tout this latest generation coming of age in the new millennium while at the same time poking fun at them. Songwriter, bassist, lead vocalist, and main creative force Joel Sayles does this in a convincing manner, his acerbic vitriol filtered through pleasant, well-crafted songs that sport melody, harmony, and infectious hooks.With seven years between records, there was plenty of time to create fine music—and Nalladaloobr delivers the goods. Each track has its merits. Sayles hooks up again with bandmates Dirk Freymuth (guitar) and Jimi Englund (drums) to create pretty sounds that often camouflage the message of malcontent.

Hindurodeo - Nalladaloobr - 2003/rs
Hindurodeo - Nalladaloobr - 2003/megaupload


KingSizeMong said...

Fabulous album! Everything you want from a power pop release.

Track 2 "Radio Ready" has a glitch in it though. So here's a repaired version -

Have the band folded? The official website seems to be down. I see eMusic still have the album up so I'll get it from there next month.


I'm lovin' it! Great voice and sound. Mclife is a Power Pop winner!

Carlos Fernando said...

hola, saludos desde mexico, me gustaria que subieras el disco de the ugly beats - take a stand por favor, muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

Having access to so much great power pop online the last few months and an 80 GB ipod to fill has rendered me pretty blase about alot of stuff, I have to admit... but this is a bloody fantastic album. Thanks so much, as always, PPOVRDS!

Colin H.


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