Friday, January 9, 2009

Checkpoint Charley - Songs One Through Twelve - 2005

Do you think vocal based powerpop a la Jellyfish, with more guitardriven rock such as The Tories and Marvelous 3 sounds like your cup of tea? Then you should put out an invitation to a huge tea party, 'coz L.A band Checkpoint Charley has the cookies. How could anyone resist the City Boy smelling 'Cardiac Arrest'?! or the beachparty rocker 'Bellyfish'?!......the list of good songs never ends....But you can play them over and over again without getting tired of hearing them. Listen to the Jelly-harmonies on 'Smile' or the bombastic 70s rock a la Elton John and Queen on 'Mother Veronica'- melodic heaven! A must for any melodic rock fan! -Kaj Roth,

Checkpoint Charley - Songs One Through Twelve - 2005/rs
Checkpoint Charley - Songs One Through Twelve - 2005/megaupload


Emily said...

Why are you taking money out of my pocket -and food out of my baby's mouth- by posting a link to download my record for free? I know you really aren't hosting this, and I do sincerely thank you for the accolades, but couldn't you just link my sales site on Notlame,com? Please don;t get me wrong, I love and welcome ANYONE hearing or discovering our music in any way, but "1-12" was self-financed and we are still paying off the mixing engineer! Sorry, I think you blog is great and if you are NEAR Chicago, I am now NEAR South Bend, so we should get together and have a Jellyfish Sing=a=long or something!

Checkpoint Charley

Curty Ray said...

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