Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Adventures of Jet - Muscle - 2003

The Adventures of Jet is a Dallas, TX based band that got together back in 1998 when their former band, Bobgoblin folded. Their debut CD called Part 3: Coping With Insignificance managed to get noticed all the way to Germany and ended up on a lot of top of 2000 lists. Muscle marks a return for the band with even juicier power pop sounds complete with synthesizer. The synth is nice for a couple of tracks but I find that it get on my nerves after a while with it's whininess. The band writes decent pop tracks and keeps an unlikely theme of muscle cars as the album's central tone. "Fairlane", "Run Charger", "Drag", and "Flaming Ghost" give you an idea of what the songs are called. It's hard to pinpoint any outstanding tracks because they all start to sound the same with the synthesizer in the mix. A suggestion to the band would be just to use the instrument in the odd chorus rather than throughout the entire album. The songs are well written but the genius is hidden.

The Adventures of Jet - Muscle - 2003 pt1/rs

The Adventures of Jet - Muscle - 2003 pt2/rs
The Adventures of Jet - Muscle - 2003 pt1/megaupload
The Adventures of Jet - Muscle - 2003 pt2/megaupload


Todd said...

I really liked Bobgoblin And I'm looking forward to hearing This (despite the lukewarm review.)

Zem said...

The songs sound the same in the beginning but after a short time the genius of AoJ begins to shine through. One of my favorite CDs of all time.

LDP said...

Anyone have a copy of their first LP, Part 3: Coping with Insignificance?


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