Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valley Lodge - Valley Lodge - 2005

In an era when scores of guitar-driven rock bands are formed across the globe with each passing hour, Valley Lodge is definitely one of them. But don't let that stop you from cozying up to their nothing-short-of-delightful self-titled debut--you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice and, more importantly, the band would be seriously bummed out about it.
Your own best interests and the band's feelings aside however, Valley Lodge's twelve-song debut combines raw guitars and gyration-worthy grooves with sharp lyrics and the kind of pop hooks that get lodged in your head in that kind of way where you'll just be brushing your teeth or something and you'll notice a song playing over and over again in your head until finally your brush grinds to halt. As a minty white drool makes its way down your chin, it hits you: "Dammit, it's that Valley Lodge again!" The look on your face will suggest annoyance, but inside you'll be feeling good, really, really good about it. Now get back to brushing, sailor! -CD Baby

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letsburnholes said...

WOW! Now this rocks! A little T-Rex... Cheap Trick, and Badfinger thrown in.

Anonymous said...

GREAT cd! I remember David Bash playing this in his car in Los Angeles when I traveled out there to see Raspberries at House of Blues in faves are "Hey", "If It Takes All Night" and "All My Loving"...... i wish they'd come out with something new if they are still around.....jim

Dave Hill said...

we just finished a new album. should be out in a few weeks.

valley lodge

Silversuit said...

Looking forward to it! This album is a pearler !

jim kosmicki said...

their new one is on eMusic (this one isn't) and is even better. I still like Uptown Sinclair's album better than either of these, but the Valley Lodge stuff is pretty cherce too.

James said...

Any chance of reposting this one? Both links are dead and I would really like to get this (especially since it's going for $90 on Amazon).

Curty Ray said...

Links have been updated,


James said...

You are the best and your site never stops giving me good things. Thanks a ton for this album.


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