Monday, January 5, 2009

The Argument - Recess Serenade - 2004

It’s not very often one comes across a highly melodic power pop record chock full of solid radio-ready material that’s this solid from beginning to end. Recess Serenade, the sophomore release from the Argument, is a rare treat indeed. With clean production courtesy of Ted Comerford (mixed by Paul David Hager and Mitch Easter), these songs all succeed, mixing a number of familiar elements into something refreshing and new.
Keyboardist Scott Simons (who prides himself as the only Jew in West Virginia) is the creative force behind this foursome. He’s supported in vocal harmonies by guitarist Matt Warder, bassist Brent Bunner and drummer Chris Russell. These guys know their music history and excel in delivering tight rock/pop songs with lots of sunny harmonies (it’s no wonder they’ve won several “best band” competitions). A real group of superb musicians putting out well-produced tuneful pastiches that trade on clever lyrics and have a host of hooks abounding—it’s a wondrous thing.
Musically, Simons and company recall a number of others, both old and new—there are hints of Queen, Jellyfish, The Tories, Fountains of Wayne, Ben Folds Five, Weezer, Bleu, and then some (pretty much the standard comparison references one finds these days).
With songs this good and engaging, the Argument certainly deserve a wider audience and commercial success, but thus far it has eluded them. In spite of all that, Recess Serenade is a quality collection—ten songs that will have you singing along, wishing Simons and the Argument a chance to live out their rock star dreams. -Pop Matters

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wkc said...

Thanks a million Curty Ray I was wanting to hear this one. I really enjoyed their first release.

Anonymous said...

Bought this album years ago. Really good album.


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