Sunday, December 26, 2010

What’s in your Top 10?

Sizing up the year in Power Pop

It’s that time again, and here is an opportunity to let your opinions be heard, and I am sure you have plenty.

The year is coming to a close and it’s time to reflect on the music and events that made 2010 memorable. Curty Ray and PPO want to know what are your top 10 (or 20, 25 whatever) Power Pop Albums for 2010? Consider it a list that would no doubt, change with the weather, time of day, day of week, what side of the bed you woke up on, love life, etc, but for right now, what's yours?

You show me yours, and I’ll show you mine. I'm finalizing mine now and will post then here shortly.

Leave your list in the comments or email it to powerpopoverdose@gmail.


Anonymous said...

Here's my Best of 2010 list:

1. The Posies - Blood/Candy
2. Teenage Fanclub - Shadows
3. Slumberjet - s/t
4. Duncan Maitland - Lullabies For 21st Century
5. The Davenports - Why The Great Gallop?
6. Greg Pope - Blue Ocean Sky
7. Farrah - s/t
8. Title Tracks - It Was Easy
9. Gavin Guss - Mercury Mine
10. Oranjuly - s/t
11. The Young Veins - Take A Vacation!
12. Buva - Not Scary! Friendly
13. Three Hour Tour - Looking for Tomorrow
14. Seth Swirsky - Watercolor Day
15. The Well Wishers - Post Modern Romantic
16. The Len Price 3 - Pictures
17. Rooney - Eureka
18. Elvyn - The Decline
19. True Love - ¡Pas Net!
20. IKE - Tie The Knot With All That You Got
21. Free Energy - Stuck On Nothing
22. Guster - Easy Wonderful
23. Freedy Johnston - Rain On The City
24. The New Pornographers - Together
25. Gin Blossoms - No Chocolate Cake


Todd said...

In alphabetical order and not exclusively Power pop.
I'm surprised myself by the new groups as well as by the great albums by older, established artists. 2010 was a pretty strong year for music, I think.

Butch Walker - "I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart"
Darden Smith - "Marathon"
Dessa - "A Badly Broken Code"
Dwight Twilley - "Green Blimp"
The Elms: "Stoppin' On A Dime: Live & Rare 2000-2010"
Elvis Costello - "Live at Hollywood High"
Elvis Costello - "National Ransom"
Foxy Shazam - "Foxy Shazam"
Nevershoutnever! - "Harmony"
Paul Collins - "King of Power Pop"
Robert Plant - "Band of Joy"
Scoutinig For Girls - "Everybofdy Wants to Be On TV"
Tom Jones - "Praise and Blame"

amc8051 said...

Blood/Candy was the best Posies CD since Dear 23, and I was thrilled to get to see them play with Brendan Benson here in Portland a few weeks ago. Guster's new record is pretty rad as well.

But to me, the record of the year was unquestionably It Was Easy by Title Tracks. Song after song of tremendous power pop, led by standouts like Black Bubblegum, Every Little Bit Hurts, and Steady Love. I was blown away when it came out in February, and I still have it in steady rotation on the day after Christmas. I was glad to see the first commenter mention it as well. Find it. Get it. You won't be sorry.

Monkey Flinging Poo said...

I listen to all kinds of music, so I can't accurately give a best of power pop. I will say this... I'm blown away by Nada Surf's obscure cover of "Electrocution". They out Teenage- Fanclubed Teenage Fanclub with that one song.

McDaggett said...

Volebeats – The Volebeats
The Icy Shores – The Opposite Of Your Heart
Superchunk – Majesty Shredding
Leatherface- The Stormy Petrel
The Primary 5- Revive
Apparatjik – We Are Here
Built To Spill – There Is No Enemy (european release in 2010, ok? ok.)
The Contrast – God of Malfunction
The Record Summer – Race To The Bottom
Five Eight – Your God is Dead to Me Now

beyesn said...

Here's my fave 15 of the year (not all power pop and one is an EP) but not in rank order:

Alejandro Escovedo - Street Songs of Love
The Capstan Shafts - Revelation Skirts
The Grip Weeds - Strange Change Machine
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Brutalist Bricks
Len Price 3 - Pictures
New Pornographers - Together
Title Tracks - It Was Easy
The Contrast - God of Malfunction
The Soft Pack - The Soft Pack
Boston Spaceships - Our Cubehouse Still Rocks
Paul Collins - King of Power Pop
Freedy Johnston - Rain on the City
The Greenhornes - ****
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings -- I Learned the Hard Way
Frank Turner - I Still Believe (EP)

Anonymous said...

Duncan Maitland, Slumberjet and Seth Swirsky are in my top 10, along with Lover's End by Moon Safari (a proggy band out of Sweden) and the album bby the Sonic Executive Sessions is really good (surprised I haveny seen any review of this ine yet)

daftpat said...

the exploding hearts, the greening, and the muckruckers

richrecruiter said...

Top 10 of 2010
1. Brian Ray - This Way Up
2. Dino - Fool's Gold
3. Timmy Sean - Songs From & Inspired By Noisewater
4. Title Tracks - It Was Easy
5. Jon Lindsay - Escape from Plaza-Midwood
6. Lannie Flowers - Circles
7. The 88 - The 88
8. Skeleton Staff - Solipsis
9. Edward O'Connell - Our Little Secret
10. Bleu - Four


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