Sunday, December 12, 2010

Popboomerang 2010 X​-​Mas Party Sampler

It’s way too late to be good! And do we have a “steal” for you?

With our Christmas blessings we welcome you to download the Popboomerang Records 2010 Christmas sampler.

This sampler celebrates the success of 2010 for the label. It features all bands involved in the Christmas Party as well as those bands that released music on the Popboomerang label during 2010, who could not take part in the Christmas Party this time around.

The sampler features a few songs with Christmas references (Georgia Fields, Splurge & Young Werther) but a BIG Santa "hats off" to “Celadore” who’ve recorded a yuletide anthem for our pleasure!

Free Download from Popboomerang Records

Popboomerang Records

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