Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Biff Bang Pow! - Pass the Paintbrush Honey - 1985

Biff Bang Pow! — the music-making endeavor of Creation Records founder Alan McGee — was for a long time a touchstone for the influential label's definition and development, albeit one that never assumed the limelight or achieved any major hits. (Having named his label for the great '60s aggro-art-mod group, it was probably inevitable that the Glaswegian's band, which never used the Creation for specific musical cues, would take its moniker from one of that band's songs.) From the initial recordings, rife with brisk, neo-psychedelic garage pop, to the spare, acoustic laments at the end, Biff Bang Pow! ambled along, releasing a string of well-conceived and well-executed singles and albums that still sound fresh.
Psychedelia and nostalgia inform Biff Bang Pow!'s records but, as often as not, the wiry guitar pop sounds like a compromise between Josef K, Orange Juice and Haircut One Hundred. Although they would seem spiritually in synch with the Television Personalities or Times (indeed, the latter's Edward Ball is an occasional member), Biff Bang Pow! doesn't share those groups' winsome charm or demonstrative cultural resonance. -Trouser Press



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