Monday, December 20, 2010

The Autumn Leaves - Treats and Treasures - 1997

Leader David Beckey has been in an extensive portfolio of Minneapolis bands, including stints with the Sedgwicks and Glow, who released one single via Susstones records. Soon after that, he formed the Autumn Leaves and has since released two singles and a debut CD.
The cast on the album includes Keith Patterson (The Funseekers, The Spectors) on bass, Matt Gerzema (Dearly, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group) on guitars and extra vocals and Steve Kent on the sticks. Local Minneapolis producer Bryan Hanna lent his able hand to the production duties, and the album rings with a crisp, clean sound classically influenced by greats like the Beatles, Hollies, and Byrds.  A quintessential collection of vital pop songs - Sixties influenced paisley pop with a sterling melodic sensibility tinged with just the right dose of psychedelia.



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