Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pyramidiacs - Teenage Complications - 1998

From one of Australia`s very best pop bands....don`t be confused as it was called "Teenage Complications" but a legal hassle changed the name. Their third time hits the mark stronger than their previous two CDs, `All You Can` and `Teeter Totter` (both available, limited copies of All You Can, tho). Both of those CD`s were consistent displays of their influences (basically, any band who ever played a Rickenbacker!!) and you`d be none the worse to own them, but if you don`t own any, then this is THE place to begin. Strummed to "10" and into the red 12-stringed chiming, their sound is distinctively Australian, echoing the classic strains of The Mad Turks and Someloves and merging them with Teenage Fanclub and Material Issue. "Fans of Teenage Fanclub, fans of The Chevelles, fans of DM3 and all power pop fans in general...this album is a MUST for your collection!"-Amplifier. " It`s not often you run across an album with such consistency, but this is one of those records you`ll never tire of. A living textbook of the modern power pop form" -Big O. Driving, propulsive rhythms and crystalline production make their gritty-ish, but clean take on the POWER in POP one of the best examples of the genre around. Stunningly and grippingly recommended to put at the top of any want list, it`s that good. -Not Lame


Anonymous said...

solid album. bought it many years ago. good post.

. said...

Excuse an off-topic comment, but there isn't a shoutbox!

I've been looking to replace my CD of HAL's first album on Rough Trade, but I can't find a download anywhere. Can anybody help?

josechu modforever said...

I Can't Hide....great song!!!

Curty Ray said...

JCB said...

Any chance of re-posting? Thanks.

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