Thursday, May 17, 2012

Greenberry Woods - Big Money Item - 1995

The Greenberry Woods' instrumentation and yearning vocal style tend to the emotionally manipulative, heart-on-sleeve side, but lyrics often rise above the vacuous boy-girl stuff that defines the genre. "Love Songs" surveys the cliched landscape with a sly, knowing eye while working completely within the musical formula. At 18 tracks, most hovering under the three-minute mark, Big Money Item serves up a dizzying over-abundance of sugary riches. While some selections remain lightweight trifles, enough substantial moments overflow the cone to coat the listener in captivating sticky goo. "Invisible Threads" combines sudden gear shifts with a phased, baroque pop underpinning. There's the stately soft-psych of "Parachute," and a dew-eyed tip of the hat to Crowded House balladry in "For You." "Nervous" pumps up the fuzz for some garage-y power-pop while "Go Without You" breaks into Bay City Roller handclaps. "Oh Janine"'s soaring chorus recalls both The Beach Boys and Eric Carmen's Raspberries. Even at its most superficial and derivative and unapologetically nerdy, Big Money Item is just so chock full of fatal hooks almost starts to feel that fresh and innocent again. -AMG



bglobe313 said...

Just a great, great CD. Highly recommended. Very melodic and enough energy to rock. Plus, the songs do not all sound the same (a problem that a lot of power pop bands have, either intentionally or not).

Get this folks!


Mike said...

Each song has a different sound. Maybe influenced by different eras in music. Some Beach Boys, Beatles, Raspberries, and maybe a little Big Star. I love playing it. If you loved "Trampoline" then get this. You won't be disappointed.



Mario said...

I'd give it a listen if our host could re-up a new link. Thanks for all, in any case.

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