Monday, May 28, 2012

New Americans - New Americans - 2000

True blue, American-as-apple-pie music isn’t always easy to come by in a pop scene where many try as hard as they possibly can to sound British, but the exciting new duo of Dan Touhy and Casey Fundaro, aka New Americans, dish it up quite nicely on their debut, eight-song effort. Eschewing typical power poppin’ soundscapes for a more singer-songwritery Approach—think what might have occurred had Seals left Crofts in ’71 and hooked up with Jimmy Webb and Gene Clark for an LP’s worth of musical fun and frolic—Touhy and Fundaro pretty much hit the nail on the head every time out on New Americans. From the plaintive love song “Anna” to the jaunty “Comin’ to an End” and the lyrically bitter (yet hummable) “So Alone,” everything works. Touhy’s no-frills lead vocals suit the material to a tee, while Fundaro provides some nifty background vocal parts (his eerie falsetto bkg’s on the beautiful, heartfelt ode to a loved one who has passed, “Looking Down,” may be the finest moment on the disc). Awash with deeply felt lyrics, 12 string guitars and songs that stick, New Americans is  certainly a promising debut. -John M. Borack, Alan Haber's Pure Pop


Anonymous said...

the Simon and Garfunkel tribute of the front cover is neat too, you don't see someone nod to Bookends every day!

Colin H frm Cambridge, Canada

tomg said...

Never heard about them before, but i must admit the cover makes me very curious. I'm going to check this out.

tomg said...

Bookends is between one of my favorites, course.

tomg said...

It's a nice pop album. I couldn't find many resemblances with Bookends but i still liked it, thanks Ray.

Curty Ray said...





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