Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pugwash - Jollity - 2005

Released in Ireland on September 23rd 2005 Jollity was an instant hit with the press and public alike, becoming The Pugs most successful release to date. 4 and 5 star reviews abound (Irish Times, Hot Press, Evening Herald) the band set out on a promotional jaunt around their native land with a unique power-house 3 piece plus I-Pod set up. The culmination of which was a packed Monday night gig in Dublin’s famous Whelans venue.
Jollity is jam-packed with jelly pop, baroque sensibilities and mellow whimsy. Featuring the band and friends alongside legends of the pop/rock genre such as Dave Gregory and Eric Matthews  -pugwashtheband.com


Tommy C said...

Curt, Thanks again for Jollity - I like it alot. But then, I like all of the Pugwash records. Right now I'm really diggin' their new one - Olympus Sound - maybe their best. Now if I could just find Almanac....

Curty Ray said...



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