Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Frank Lee Sprague - Merseybeat - 2004

Frank Lee Sprague, King of the Guitar; the mastery of Frank's nimble fingers play the fretboard like a concert grand piano. If Steinway made a guitar, it would sound like Frank was playing it, for sure. The guitar is Frank's open-ended canvas, on which he can paint any musical picture. For proof, seek out one of this modern musical master's classical recordings. The 'Axe Man Who Cometh', the 'Gee-tar Guru', the
aforementioned 'King of Guitar'. There is simply no one likeFrank Lee Sprague!" -Alan Haber, Buhdge Magazine, Feb 2008


Anonymous said...

BTW, hiw brother Chris "Sugarballs" Sprague just came out with a new band "The Outta Sites"

bglobe313 said...

Hey, this is really delightful modern Mersey. He had never crossed onto my radar screen. Thanks.

Ace K.

oldsoftballdude08 said...

Hey Curty Ray!! Happy holidays!! I'd like to hear this if I could, any chance of reupping this gem? I wasn't aware that you took requests and this one is really out there but in trying to compile a collection from Borack's list, I am missing four. I assume that Angelo posted all of them before I found hos site yers ago but the one that really intrigues me is Kenny Howes Second Album. He told me on MySpace that he may rerelease it on it's anniversary. How can one enjoy such treasures, if you can't find them anywhere? Rock on!!!! BTW, I won' spend $75 on a CD. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do. Love those Saturdays!

Curty Ray said...




oldsoftballdude08 said...

Thanks Curty Ray!!! You're the man!


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