Monday, January 3, 2011

Rich Rossi gives PPO his Top 10

Years ago while attending art school Rich spent many hours listening to XTC, The Records, The Heats, Plimsouls and other powerpop bands of that time. Many childrens books, greeting cards and website designs later he finds himself (quite by accident) in the employ of a few powerpop artists. I'm not name dropping but they include, John Wicks, Paul Collins and many more.

Life has come full circle. You can find Rich at if your so inclined.

10) Paul Collins - King of Power Pop
Energetic and emotive as all get go.
Proof that PC still matters.
Highlights: C'Mon Let's Go, Many Roads To Follow

9) The Well Wishers - Post Modern Romantic
Jeff Shelton (formerly Spinning Jennies)
delivers another standout effort. Highlights:
Gramareater, Sorry About Your Politics

8) Scott's Garage - Soul Magnet
Jangle and a sense of humor. Great stuff!
Highlights: The Girl With The Yippy Dog,
You Were Such A Tool (I Remember High School)

7) Knit Delicate- Fulton Hill
With Tim Buckley (Blow Pops),
evidence that the Madison/Milwaukee area
has a better powerpop scene than many would think.
Standout cuts: Lovely, When I See You

6) Peter Case - Wig!
More electric blues than power pop, this LP is
no doubt a product of his recent health and money
issues. Highlights:
Ain't Got No Dough, House Rent Party

5) Lannie Flowers - Circles
Handclaps and hooks, turn this one up on
your radio (if only they played this kind of thing
on the radio today). Highlights: Turn Up Your
Radio, Around The World

4) Greg Pope - Blue Ocean Sky
Same formula that worked so well on Popmonster
and his EP, Pete, but the songs are
alittle more focused...his best yet.
Highlights: I Tried To Like You, Driving Tricks,

3) Smash Palace - 7
When I saw the "Revolver" style cover I wondered
how this disc can possibly live up to the build up.
It does and then some. Their best yet.
Highlights: How Can You Say, Somebody Up There
likes Me

2) Farrah - Farrah
ELO fans will love "Swings & Roundabouts".
My teenager overheard me playing it and
asked "Is that the Beatles?". My kid's question was
a testament to how mature these guys sound.
Highlights: All of it, but since
I have to pick two, Swings & Roundabouts, Heavy Metal

1) Seth Swirsky - Watercolor Day
More diverse record than "She's about to cross
my mind". McCartney, Bacarach, Wilson...
He's chanelled them all. This disc was more fun to
listen to than any disc this year. Highlights:
Watercolor Day, Distracted




Anonymous said...

great stuff...keep the best of 2010 comps coming.



Anonymous said...

There's something I don't like about the two Farrah albums I have that I can't put my finger on.

There's a disposable quality to the music that means the songs sound good initially, but kind of evaporate after a couple of listens. 'Swings and Roundabouts' was one of those. I keep fast forwarding through it on the mixtape I have in the car.

The type of music I like tends to reveal itself the more you listen. Favourite album this year: Field Music's 'Measure', which I liked enough to buy on CD and Vinyl.


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