Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Playmates - Listen - 2003

This Japanese pop band has released an excellent CD featuring razor sharp, hit `em fast `n hard buzz pop songs that hit and run their way to your heart.... the inspirational source for about half the songs is a Ramones meets Permanent Green Light and the other half straddles hits a laid back classic power pop sound of The Flashcubes. -Not Lame




Anonymous said...

excellent! Another great Japanese band! DO you happen to know of the '02 release "Sad Refrain" is available anywhere? Ever since David Bash turned me onto their song "Sugarcane" I've been trying to track that down!!! jim

YankeeBoy said...

I've really been loving these great Japanese bands you've been posting. Thank you.

Tapiocadas said...

what a great page, congratulations

Anonymous said...

Here via Teenage Dogs. Thanks!

Carolina said...

The singer reminds me so much of Ken Stringfellow! I'm really enjoying this album, thanks! :)


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