Monday, January 17, 2011

Jude Cole - A View from 3rd Street - 1990

Adding a little tougher sound, A View From 3rd Street finds Jude Cole cranking out the tunes that should've been on the radio, but with the exception of the hit "Baby It's Tonight," very few of them were. Great pop well done is what lies here with such standouts as "House Full of Reasons" and "Heart of Blues." The problem was how to market this type of music in the heyday of hair metal and fluff rock. It just didn't fit. It, however, is fine listening today and well worth seeking out. -AMG




Anonymous said...

I had just searched PPO the day before to see if there was any posts regarding Jude Cole. So glad to see him on here!

Little Grimace said...

Hurray! Love this album! Remember playing the 45 of Baby It's Tonight over and over.
Thanks for a great post!


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