Friday, June 24, 2011

Virginia Sisters - Last Pathetic Fool - 2005

Virginia Sisters have a ragged but appealing Southern pop/rock charm about them, with the punchy "Dazzling Blue" setting things off on the right course à la Dan Baird or Georgia Satellites. The trio makes this a guitar rock track that seems perfect for summer driving with the top down. It's short and sweet, but not quite as sweet as the swagger lead singer Roy Anderson uses during the roots rocker "Deranged," which has a few twists and turns. The band slows things down with a tender but pristine ballad titled "Oh the Night Is Fading Fast" that adds drums and more instrumentation after the first chorus. There's an old-school rock & roll feeling to several of these numbers, including the infectious, hook-riddled "Beautiful One," something Bryan Adams could pull off in his sleep. But "Thanks, But No" almost describes the quality of the Elvis Costello-ish song, adequate but not one of the album's better moments. Nor is the pedestrian pace trying to serve as a catalyst to "This One This Time." Virginia Sisters redeem themselves with a simple but engaging five minutes of jangle-tinged ear candy during the mid-tempo "Don't You Cry on Me." Virginia Sisters rarely sound like they're going through the motions on a raucous, toe-tapping "Everyone's Wrong" and the murky Southern soul oozing from "Josephine's." While not quite as strong as it starts, this record should endear Virginia Sisters to fans of melodic roots rock. -AMG


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