Friday, June 3, 2011

The Paybacks - Harder and Harder - 2004

Harder and Harder, the second album from Detroit's Paybacks, is a blistering collection of dirty, metallic garage rock songs. Fronted by the androgynous, whiskey-voiced Wendy Case -- who is easily the toughest chick in rock since the days when Joan Jett loved rock & roll this much -- the band is equal parts swagger and stagger as it plugs away on melodic anthems like "Bright Side" and the glittery blues of "Jumpy." If scorching rockers like "Superrider" and "Scotch Love" assert how powerful and unrelenting this Motor City quartet can be, the soulfully executed ballad "Can You Drive?" suggests the band can do more than raise hell. But by calling this sonic firecracker Harder and Harder, the Paybacks will never be accused of false advertising. -AMG


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