Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Supahip - Seize The World - 2005

The Supahip is the side project of noted Australian producer/songwriter Michael Carpenter and fellow tunesmith Mark Moldre. Intrigued by the idea of spontaneously creating music in this day and age of over thought, over wrought, and over produced music, Carpenter and Moldre longed for the 'good old days' of instant creation, and making decisions early in the creative process. They set about the idea of writing, recording and mixing a track... arriving in the morning with nothing except maybe some loose snippets of songs, and leaving with a completed track. The concept worked so well, and so liberated the both of them, that creatively they found themselves pushing each other into unexplored territory (for them.)

This album 'Seize The World', is the culmination of 13 days work over 14 months. It touches on the pop stylings both men revel in in their own projects, but the scope of this album ranges from McCartneyesque ballads, through to indie pop rants, passing through country rock, epic pop and even a few delicious grooves. It also includes a monumental cover of Nik Kershaw's 80's worldwide smash, 'Wouldn't It Be Good'!

In keeping with the somewhat retro spirit of the project, the album includes the full 12 song stereo album, plus as a bonus, 10 of the tracks mixed in mono (they would have loved to have fit the whole mono album, but they just couldn't squeeze it on!) Rather than being just collapsed stereo mixes, the mono versions differ, sometimes quite dramatically, from the stereo mixes. The idea behind this is that the stereo mixes utilised the classic 'wide' stereo technique.. with instruments panned hard to one side or the other, exagerating the sound and impact of each instrument. The mono mixes on the other hand are much leaner, and punchy.. straight down the centre for maximum impact. It gives the listener an opportunity to enjoy 2 very different perspective on this very individual project. -CD Baby


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