Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Size 14 - Size 14 - 1997

With punk- inspired guitar- poppin' antics, Hollywood based SIZE 14 put out their debut CD in 1997. Named after the singer's shoe size, SIZE 14 - Linus (lead vocals, guitar), Kevin Danczak (guitar), Robt Ptak (bass, background vocals), Dave Armstrong (drums) - became infamous a few years back for their humorous yet honest account of "Claire Danes Poster


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nakagawa said...

wow, it's linus! Looking forward to listening to this...

Shriner said...

Finally got around to listening to this. Sometimes a humorous album hits the spot. This one did.

I thought the music eventually became too similar as the album went on, but the lyrics were enough to keep my attention.

Number Six said...

A solid album...my personal favorites were "Claire Danes Poster" and "I Touched Her Ass".

Number Six
Six Appeal Music

Chris Churchill said...

great post! I also made a recent News Update about the band here:

Size 14 Power Pop Band 2013 News Update

Christopher Churchill said...

The band have recently made B-Sides and Unreleased Tracks available via Facebook to listen to :

Size 14 Rare Tracks on Facebook"

Anonymous said...

Pls. re-Up Size14


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