Monday, June 13, 2011

Travoltas - Travoltas' Party - 2003

Dutch power pop band the Travoltas have long had an admiration for the Beach Boys, and it comes to fruition on this clever homage to the Beach Boys Party! album, right down to the facsimile graphics, which mimic the look of the original. The music here, in keeping with its model, is sunny, breezy, acoustic, and a whole lot of fun, with covers of Beach Boys' hits like "Little Honda," "Barbara Ann," and "California Girls" fitting in well with Travoltas' originals like "Endless Summer." A cover of the title song from the movie That Thing You Do is a particular delight. Although some fans of the group's electric side may be disappointed by this release, the casual feel and undeniable warmth of the project make it a welcome addition to the Travoltas' discography. -AMG


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