Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ultimate Fakebook - Open up and Say Awesome - 2002

While This Will Be Laughing Week relied on three-chord riffs, Ultimate Fakebook's Open up and Say Awesome switches up the magnitude for a fresh punk-pop approach. The band is tight, far more than they've ever been, and the energy is infectious. Frontman Bill McShane is quick-mouthed, and songs like "Before You Leave" and the twangy cool of "Inside Me, Inside You" mosh around the likes and losses of love. "Wrestling Leap Year" is oddly similar to the riveting guitar rock of Killing Joke while showcasing some of Ultimate Fakebook's best work. Ultimate Fakebook is more like Weezer's second cousin -- not sappy enough to be emo, not angry enough to be post-grunge. Open up and Say Awesome is a pure rock record, decadent in the rawness of it all. -AMG



Anonymous said...

Can't see the real link!

Curty Ray said...


Anonymous said...

Dude! Seriously. I just found your blog a few hours ago and I am amazed it took this long. I have never seen so much excellent music that I never /suspected/ would exist, in one place.

Amarok tells me I have just over ten hours of it loaded up - and I am grooving hard. Some of it will take a while to wrap my head around but then, that's what it's all about.

Keep doing that thing and BTW, I love the relevant, well informed reviews.

Anonymous said...

& BTW, if your objective is to introduce and promote music that gets /no/ real support from the major labels and media conglomerates... Mission accomplished!

Unknown said...

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