Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HotSocky - HotSocky - 2003

Formed in 2001 on Manhattan's Lower East Side, HotSocky's mission is to make rock'n roll fun again. By combining infectious melodies, raw guitar-drive and over-the-top stage presence, HotSocky stand out as the premier act in today's New York City rock scene. The band's stripped down power-pop incorporates crunching staccato guitars which give way to big, hooky choruses that inevitably stick in your head for weeks.
Singer/guitarist Lattimer (formerly of Thin Lizard Dawn) creates the group's loud and creamy pop gems. "It's all about capturing beautiful accidents," he claims, flashing a wit and charm that also distinguishes HotSocky from other New York bands. Breathing life into these timeless wonders, Lattimer runs his semi-hollow bodied Gretch guitar through a Marshall stack, smoothly giving his intricate creations the illusion of three-chord pop songs.
Dynamic guitarist, Jerry Stereo, offers a thick layer of tone on his Guild Star-Fire Six and deftly gets the party started. Whether it's jumping, spinning, or just blasting away in his rocker stance, pounding out the power is what Jerry does best, both live and in the studio.
Throw in the booming, steadfast rhythm section of Adam Stahl and Chad Royce, and you've got a colossal rock foundation cradling Lattimer's addictive, soaring melodies. -CD Baby


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